Carrots And Carrot Tops

The carrots planted in our winter garden are still coming to fruition and the end of March has already passed. The carrot seeds, being so small, were sown directly into the prepared garden bed. We chose an heirloom mix with three different colored carrot roots: orange, purple and white. They have a mild and sweet flavor.

As beautiful as carrots are, it’s the carrot tops that really get your attention. The lush, green, parsley like foliage is so gorgeous, it’s a shame to just cast it into the compost pile like it doesn’t have anything of value to offer.  So before I decapitated those fluffy green tops from the long, stocky and stubby roots they were attached to I did a quick search on the internet to see whether they were edible. What was discovered is that indeed, carrot tops are quite edible and full of nutrition, especially vitamin K, but also minerals and proteins. Use caution however, especially if you have skin sensitivities, apparently there is some evidence that people can get a skin irritation from eating carrot tops called photo dermatitis.

The good news is you don’t have to discard your beautiful carrot tops anymore, instead use them like any other green. Therefore they can be used either raw or cooked; in soups, salads, juice and green smoothies. I decided to use mine in our salad tonight as well as in a new recipe called mean greens I came across from the Happy Healthy Human raw food restaurant in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida at 1869 South Patrick Drive.

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Sardinian Diet Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the new (it’s not really new for those Sardinians that are on it) Sardinian Diet and one of its main components, and extremely dark red wine full of anti-oxidants. Today we are going to look at another important component that allows dieters to get their protein. You are going to love this one.

It turns out that those partakers of the Sardinian Diet eat a lot of cheese, but it isn’t just your average cheese you buy in the dairy section of the local supermarket, it is a special cheese that is made by using milk from grass fed sheep. The cheese is called pecorino sardo and it is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The Sardinians also eat another cheese that contains maggots (pretty disgusting) and I was a fan of the diet until I found this out. It turns out that Sardinian men eat this kind of cheese to prove they are tough and it may contain some kind of bacteria that aids in digestion and does its longevity magic. I don’t know how long I want to live if I have to eat maggot infested cheese.

In summary the Sardinian diet consists of very dark red wine, the cheese known as pecorino sardo, nuts, fruits, vegetables and very little meat including fish. Also the wine must be included while eating the meal to get the full benefits of this diet and hopefully help you live as long as possible.

We’ve been saying for a long time here at the Healthy Diet Podcast that meat, especially red meat, is associated with a whole host of diseases and the latest results of the Sardinian way of eating, while not scientific, certainly bear looking at. You can’t deny the hard results of living longer and living healthy while enjoying those extra years.

Sardinian Diet

You may have heard of the recently discovered Sardinian Diet because ABC’s Good Morning America just did a segment on it this morning featuring the author of The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest, Dan Buettner. Dan has studied longevity across the globe and has come to some startling conclusions about those of us humans that live the longest.

Once again, as we have been saying all along on the healthy diet blog for years, it’s all about what you eat rather than how much you eat or how many pills your doctor may prescribe for you. As Dan found out, the secret of longevity is in the diet and one of the better ones he has found in the world is known as the Sardinian Diet. And you’ll be surprised at how simple this diet is. But remember, when we say diet, we aren’t talking about a fad-take-a-pill-and-lose-weight type deal that you do for 3 months, we’re talking about a complete lifestyle change.

One of the main components of the Sardinian Diet is that the people of Sardinia drink very dark red wine. It is so dark that they call it black wine and it is ultra high in anti-oxidants that supposedly scrub the arteries of cholesterol and other bad things. But you can’t just drink the Sardinian wine whenever you want, it must be consumed with the meals in the diet for its full benefit.

The diet also requires that you consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and not a lot of meat, not even a lot of fish. The Sardinians keep their meat consumption down to a treat like frequency of about once a week which is a whole lot less than what we are used to here in the United States.

There’s also another component to the diet that helps individuals who subscribe to it get their protein. Believe it or not it’s in a special cheese that comes from goat milk, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to learn more about that.

Oprah And Dr Oz Sue Acai Berry Scammers

The hammer has finally come down on acai berry scam and other health products using Dr Oz and Oprah Winfrey likenesses and supposed endorsements. The plain fact is that Oprah and Dr Oz have never endorsed these products even though Dr Oz has been on the Oprah Show several times and has talked about the benefits of acai berry. The pair is now suing some 50 companies for misrepresenting their images and businesses. The products include teeth whiteners, colon cleansers, resveratrol supplements, anti wrinkle creams and other dietary supplements.

Both Oprah and Dr Oz say their professional reputations have been injured by these scam products because the companies that put this stuff out use their voices, pictures and endorsements to sell their products, many of which are scams. Consumers are given a supposed free trial for around $4.95 for these products and then their credit cards are charged upwards of $80 a month without them being aware of it until the bills start showing up.

Many people have made a lot of money with these garbage healthy products from either the manufacturing side or the affiliate marketing side producing leads for these companies. The problem is that most of these products don’t even work and they are doing nothing for the consumer but ripping them off.

Harpo Inc, Zo Co., and OW Licensing Co. filed papers in New York Wednesday to stop what they say is “unauthorised and unlawful use” of Dr Oz’s and Oprah’s pictures, voices, and trademarks. Hopefully this action by Oprah will soon put an end to the acai berry scam products and other like it that are so prevelant across the internet. Several months ago the social network Facebook stopped all advertising of these products. It will be interesting to see if Google, MSN and Yahoo do as well.

The Hidden Secret Of Morbid Obesity – Enablers

My wife Jean and I were watching Oprah last night (okay I admit it, I do watch O once in a while) and one of the stories she was featuring was about the world’s most extreme yo-yo dieter. The morbidly obese Michael Hebranko was a guest by Skype yesterday with Oprah and he has lost and gained more than 3,000 pounds in his lifetime. He once tipped the scales at 1,100 pounds, lost 902 pounds and then, amazingly, gained it all back.

Hebranko claims that at one sitting he ate 24 pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon and 3 dozen eggs and I assume that he has to eat somewhere near that amount on a regular basis to get to the kind of weight he was carrying and keep it on. That’s a huge amount of food and it also must have cost a good chunk of change to buy that amount of groceries. A quick calculation tells you that meal just for the food alone, not counting cooking an storage costs, would set you back somewhere between $45 and $50.

At one point in Hebranko’s life he was bed ridden for 3 years. Yes, that means he never got out of bed for a period of 3 entire years. Besides the obvious problems of cleaning and toileting himself there’s another problem no one ever seems to discuss in these cases. It’s incredibly obvious, but still, no one ever talks about it.

What I’m referring to is how was Hebranko able to buy, prepare and eventually consume that much food without someone helping him? He had to have an enabler to allow him to get to the weight that he did. He was bedridden for 3 entire years. He had to have someone go to the grocery store for him and buy enormous amounts of food, more food than any large family would eat. Someone had to cook the food, bring it to him and then clean up after him. And that someone is equally responsible for his huge weight gain.

Hebranko’s enabler or enablers also had to make enough money to feed him as well. Even if you spent $50 a day to feed that kind of food addiction we’re talking about spending $350 a week or more than $18,000 a year for food for a single person. Those that weigh that much and are bedridden obviously can’t work so someone else has to foot the bill for food and everything else for them. Imagine taking $1,500 every month out of your paycheck to feed your overweight relative. Would you do that?

And that’s the point of this whole post, who in their right mind would allow someone they love to eat that much food, especially when they are the one that has control over the situation because they are the one that has to prepare the food for them? We eat a mostly raw diet, but If I told my wife I wanted to eat a salad that took 3 heads of lettuce, a pound of tomatoes and a pound of carrots to prepare just for myself, she would think I was mad.

An enabler that allows their relative to gain that much weight is like the enabler who goes to the liquor store and buys a case of booze when their passed out husband, father, brother or mother can’t get to the car to drive themselves to get their own poison.

An enabler doesn’t have to necessarily be the one that goes to the store because their relative is to fat to go themselves. Maybe they’re the one that insists those at the table take another helping of mashed potatoes when someone says they are full, or insists someone eats a piece of grandma’s special apple pie when someone says no thanks, or makes 10 servings of spaghetti when their family only needs 5 helpings. Enablers are at every level of the overeating process, not just assisting those that are morbidly obese.

Please Oprah, let’s get to the heart of these matters and do a show that examines the issue about those that enable their relatives to almost kill themselves. Maybe we could save a few people from going down this path of morbid obesity.

Obama Health Care Show – What About Personal Responsibility?

As my wife and I were sitting around watching the Obama Health Care town meeting last night, one recurring thing that kept cropping up in our conversation about the prospect of the government spending another trillion and a half to 2 trillion dollars (money that we don’t have) on some new program was, what about personal responsibility?

Why doesn’t that question ever come up? The person who is most responsible for their own health is none other that you. You can do more for yourself than any government organization, insurance company or any kind of doctor by changing your diet away from processed foods and high fat meats and eating more fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrition. Shuffling around who makes the decisions for your healthcare and how the money in the system is allocated will do absolutely nothing to actually help people get healthier. And that’s the real issue we’re dealing with here, but instead we are only dealing with the symptoms.

Supposedly there are 46 million uninsured people living in the United States and the whole point of Obama health care is to figure out how to cover those people with insurance. But honestly, that’s just simply the wrong approach. What we should be talking about is how to get or keep those 46 million people healthy, not just how to insure them. We should also be working on programs for those that are already insured to keep them healthy as well. The current medical model of health care is to treat sick people instead of trying to keep people from getting sick in the first place.

Unfortunately, one of the major problems with healthcare today is that people in the medical field don’t seems associate diet with health. A perfect case in point is that one of the questions posed to President Obama last night came from nursing student Hershaw Davis Jr who is probably 150 pounds overweight. After answering Hershaw’s question, The President remarked that we need more people like Hershaw in the medical profession. I’m sorry to say this, but no we don’t. Mr Davis is the perfect example of entirely what’s wrong with the medical profession because he shows exactly the disconnect between diet and disease that is so rampant in medicine today. While Mr Davis may be able to do his job quite well, I wouldn’t know, the point is his size and the unhealthy conditions related to his obesity speaks volumes about where medicine is today.

My family has also experienced the oblivious to diet thinking in the medical profession when my dad had quadruple bypass surgery last year. After his radically invasive surgery and 4 days in cardiac intensive care, the second day up in his regular room he was served a pork sandwich and greasy french fries for lunch. Is there any other nearly perfect example of how out of touch medicine is with the benefits of a healthy diet? It is almost as if they were doing everthing they could to make sure my dad would be back in for another radical surgey some day.

The Cost Of Healthcare

Of course you can’t talk about national health care with out talking about the enormous cost and burden to Americans that something like this will be. And once again with Medicare we have another perfect example of government trying to run something and doing it about as inefficently as possible. In fact the question must be asked, has the government run any large scale program effieciently? Is there a single government program that anyone can point to that is profitable? What makes anyone think they can succeed with national health care?

But let’s get back to Medicare. Medicare was started to provide medical insurance to the elderly and is so seriously overbudget it threatens the economic fabric of our entire country. Medicare in effect is the elephant in the room. It is a disaster and is weighing down our economy to the tune of over $25 trillion (yes trillion, not billion) in unfunded liabilities.

We as a nation owe more to Medicare than all other government programs combigned, what makes anyone think that what the government couldn’t fund for the elderly will be able to fund for everyone else?

We will never, ever solve the healthcare crisis in the United States until we get down to the only issue at hand, the link between diet and disease. And until the medical profession and the government realizes the problem and stops throwing money at symptoms, money that we don’t have, nothing will get done.

The only thing you can personally do to increase your chances of avoiding serious disease is to eat a healthy diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables and exercise on a regular basis. The government will always do what it does best and that is spend money. Nationalized healthcare may be the last program the government creates before our entire economy goes bankrupt, the least you can do is choose to eat healthy and not participate in the coming fiasco.

Resveratrol Scams Continue To Frustrate Dr Oz

Dr Oz’s endorsement of a resveratrol supplement on the Oprah Show in front of millions of viewers is continuing to cause a bit of a headache for America’s Doctor. This endorsement, unfortunately for Dr Oz, has caused a plethora of resveratrol scams to perpetuate themselves all over the net.

The biggest scams seen lately are fake news sites that of course look very real complete with weather forecasts, other supposedly real news reports and the real clincher is completely fake “investigative reports” on resveratrol. These reports tout the benefits one so-called reporterette has had with her resveratrol supplements and she then challenges other reporters to see if they get the same results such as sleeping better, having less wrinkles and other feel good type benefits.

These scam news sites are advertising on the Drudge Report using pictures from celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Selma Hayek and Marisa Tomei and asking the question, “How Does She Look So Young?” The premise behind this advertising is that these celebrities are taking the rip-off brand of resveratrol that these fake news sites are selling. The truth is they aren’t, none of these celebrities endorse these resveratrol products and this is nothing but a huge scam.

The scam goes deeper because consumers think they’re getting a free trial of this junk and all they have to do is pay for shipping. But the truth is, these scam companies get your credit card numbers and start billing you $80 or $90 a month because you unknowingly signed up for a monthly auto ship of this stuff.

Don’t think this stuff is a scam? lists 130 about Resveratrol Ultra complaints and the company that sells this junk, FWM Labs out of North Miami, FL has more than 2,600 complaints lodged against them at the Better Business Bureau. The Florida Attorney General is investigating unauthorized credit card charges by this company and others running such scams in the state.

Lawyers for Dr Oz are pursuing the perpetrators of these fake news sites and their advertising practices so hopefully they won’t be around much longer but beware, because these companies are known to just form another company, change the labels on their scam products and poof, they’ve got a brand new business.

Use your best judgement when it comes to weight loss, anti aging and all other health claims from people selling miracle pills. Unfortunately they give legitimate supplements and sellers of those supplements a bad name.

The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life was a song written by John Denver, the legendary folk-rock singer from the 70’s. There’s a lot of truth in that title – today literally is the first day of the rest of my life and your life. Every new day is an opportunity to ask yourself, “How will I choose to live the rest of my life.”

Though there are many aspects of that question to contemplate, today it’s my aim to focus on health and happiness. Each going down of the sun at the end of the day is a reminder that there is a new day, with new beginnings coming when the sun rises in the morning. The way I have chosen to spend the rest of my life is committing to an even simpler and healthier life style. A lifestyle that more radically reflects what I truly believe.

Being that it is Memorial Day, and I have the day off from seeing clients, I will be spending the day preparing my home and myself for a healthier, stress free lifestyle. Some of the things I have planned to do to create a simpler, happier and healthier life: Go to bed earlier, cut out TV in the evening, check email only twice a day (or so), spend time doing more things I enjoy (like practicing my bowed psaltery, walking on the beach, gardening, crocheting), eating more of the simpler foods like whole vegetables and fruits, practicing yoga several times a week, cleaning out my cupboards and closets of unnecessary clutter, and choosing joy in the midst of irritations.

How will you spend the “first day of the rest of your life?”

In joy and simplicity,