Think Globally, Act Locally

One of the passions of our heart is to share with as many people as possible the good news about living food. Some of the effective ways to date that we have shared our passion is through developing a web site, starting a blog, recording podcasts and even developing a vegan meal planner to help people make the transition to a mostly living food lifestyle. These electronic media have helped us share the good news about living foods all across the globe…but you know the slogan, “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

A dream is about to be birthed to help fulfill this Act Locally directive. On December 15th we will, in conjunction with a raw food friend, be starting a monthly, mostly raw dinner. This will be an opportunity for friends and acquaintances in our local area of Palm Bay Florida to see and experience first hand how this life giving and healing food is made and more importantly to taste it for themselves. We are so excited about the possibilities of where this could take our community of friends and believers.

Eating living food is all about living the abundant life…by becoming all you were created to be. People who eat living food, regularly report they are sick less often, have more energy and feel better in general. Many who have had chronic illnesses of various kinds report being healed of diseases they were told by their allopathic doctors were incurable.

Starting a once a month raw dinner is a great way to share the good news of living food and connect with like minded people. You can start one in your community too!

To your good health,


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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Walking through the grocery store one day I saw a food magazine in the check out line. The picture on the cover was of a chocolate peanut butter pie – formerly Alan’s favorite. Food magazines are great inspiration for new living and whole food recipes. My brain immediately went to work…how can this old favorite pie be re-created a la lifestyle?

Then it came to me. Buy fresh peanuts, freeze some bananas, and put it all through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place. Stir the ingredients all together until thoroughly mixed. Add some honey if the peanut butter banana mixture is not quite sweet enough. Pour the soupy mixture into a date-nut pie crust and put in the freezer until firm frozen. For dark decadent chocolate topping, gently warm some raw honey on the stove and mix in an adequate amount of cocoa or carob, what ever you prefer. Finally, spread the topping over the firm-frozen pie. Chill for a short time more, remove from the freezer and indulge yourself.

For Thanksgiving I made part of this recipe. First I took some fresh, raw peanuts, and roasted them slightly. After cooling them off I put them through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place alternating with frozen bananas. Once done homogenizing, I stirred together and added a little honey, poured into a bowl and froze the concoction until we were ready for dessert. Just before we were ready for dessert, I made the decadent, dark chocolate sauce described above and poured it over the peanut butter ice cream. This dessert was to die for!

Put your creative juices to work this holiday season and see what you come up with instead of indulging in fattening or sugar laden treats.

To your health,


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Bizarro’s – A Poor Choice for Lunch

In general people seem to have this idea that eating healthy means eating bland, unsatisfying fare. Nothing could be further from the truth. Transitioning to a mostly living, whole food vegan lifestyle has never been so satisfying, energizing and healing.

This point really hit home yesterday when Alan and I got a screw in our tire as we were driving back from the produce store. We thought it would be wise to stop at a tire repair center on the way home so as to avoid a flat. It happened to be lunch time and we were quite hungry. Without thinking it through too much I said, “Let’s get some lunch while we’re waiting.”

The choices were very limited, so, I am embarrassed to say we ran across 4 lanes of busy, holiday traffic to have lunch at Bizarro’s in Melbourne Florida. Yes, Bizarro’s, the greasy pizza franchise that SAD people rave about and that actually has very good reviews on Well, we’ll give them this – they do live up to their name – “BizarreO.” Anyway, we ended up splitting a hot veggie hero: White bread (poor quality at that), canned mushrooms, canned red peppers, black olives, a few small leaves of romaine, onion and tomato with a piece of provolone cheese melted on top (yes I did say provolone cheese.)

We realized after eating lunch, looking at each other with disbelief (what were we thinking when we came in here?), that we had just eaten a lunch nearly devoid of any and all nutrition. Of course, this meal and worse is standard daily fare for many Americans. It is no wonder that as a country we are in such poor health and the diseases of affluence continue to overtake us.

In retrospect, it would have made a lot more sense to have pulled a banana out of the grocery bag and eaten that while we were waiting for the tire to be fixed. Sometimes the “old man” just takes over. But one thing is for certain, eating a cheap, nutritionally void meal now and then only reinforces, we don’t want to ever go back there.


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Three Giant Steps to Health

It’s 8:45 AM. Already today, I’ve spent time praying and meditating, doing chores, exercising in the beautiful Florida morning, tending the vegetable garden and now I’ve just sat down to enjoy some liquid sunshine (aka living OJ) I just squeezed for us. Life is grand!

It was not that long ago that I felt life was a struggle. The dark cloud of depression was always following me around. Staying in bed was more inviting than facing the day. But now, all that has changed. There are several reasons for these changes. But, first and foremost I give God all the glory for my healing and restoration. He does answer prayer. My restoration has been a long time coming. It seems like my journey has unfolded in baby step after baby step and sometimes even a few steps back. But essentially, I can boil the journey down to 3 giant steps that have radically transformed my mental and physical health.

The ingredients for my healing – all center on God and His purposes for me – but to be more specific it began with cleansing my system and going through detoxification. Three plus years ago, because of some physical problems I was having, I started eating a mostly living or as some call it a raw food and whole food vegan diet. This started to purge my body of toxins and give my body and brain the nutrition it had been lacking and needed for healing and health.

Second, I began exercising. It was actually when I started running that I had my first breakthrough mentally and physically. I truly believe the running was getting more oxygen to my brain, releasing endorphins and causing further detoxification to occur that made the difference. You see, God made the human body to be a self healing machine. This principle is all around us in nature. Our beautiful huge Oak tree was devestated by the Florida hurricanes a few years back. We wanted to cut it down – It looked as though it would never survive and if it did it would be an eyesore. Today, only 3 years later, it looks more beautiful than ever

Third, I began seriously dealing with the negative thinking and false beliefs in my heart that were contributing to the depression and my overall outlook on life and circumstances. Instead of continuing to embrace lies and negativity, I told my self the truth, God’s truth, and completely and wholeheartedly embraced it and continue to everyday. This was the final breakthrough that by God’s grace has radically changed my life.

Don’t ever believe the lie that you can’t change and become healthier in every aspect of your life – overall health is possible and quite probable – especially when you seek God to make Him the center of your life and purpose. 

In joy,


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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

It’s orange season in Florida again and Alan bought our first bag of oranges at Harvey’s Groves last week. Fall is probably my favorite time of year in Florida because the weather is so beautiful, the tourists have not arrived yet and we have many varieties of citrus to delight our palate.

At Harvey’s, they offer their “seconds” for sale in bulk quantities. We buy a grocery bag full for about $10. One bag will last us a week or two. (We are planning on planting an orange tree this season, so hopefully in the next few years, we will have our own crop of liquid sunshine right in our back yard.)

This first bag of oranges Alan purchased was Navels – the King of Citrus – known for its large size, wonderfully sweet flesh, juiciness and most importantly seedlessness. From this one bag we have enjoyed eating fresh orange slices and cranberry orange salad, and drinking lots of fresh squeezed orange juice.

The nutrition in fresh squeezed orange juice can’t compare to the pasteurized juice you buy in the grocery store. For starters processed OJ has only about 10% of the vitamin C available in a fresh orange and only half of the fiber. It’s really worth squeezing your own (we have an electric juicer, but actually prefer to use our old fashion manual kind) to get 100% of the vitamin C, all the living nutrition and all the yummy pulp you want.
To your health,


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On Becoming a Morning Person

My mother had a saying if I was grumpy in the morning, “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” Since I am not a morning person and never have been (though I think that’s changing, so read on) I heard that a lot growing up.

They say wisdom comes with age, so now at the age of 49 years old, I know that my morning routine must begin with my bedtime routine…life is on a continuum. So how I treat and nurture my body today will impact how my body and mind function tomorrow. That’s why my day begins the evening before. What do I mean by that?

I know that if I eat too much or drink a glass of wine late in the evening (which for me is after 7:00) it will disrupt my sleep. If my sleep is disrupted that means my restless legs will be doing the “cha cha” all night and I will likely wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. Also, chances are if I don’t get enough exercise that day I won’t sleep well either.
Since sleep is all important to my mental state of mind and ability to function at the top of my game, I consider caring for my body in a way that promotes the highest quality of sleep a very important part of a healthy living lifestyle. Since I have been getting in tune with my body and the necessary ingredients for quality sleep, I am actually becoming a morning person…no more “getting up on the wrong side of the bed” for me.

Remember, your morning routine begins with your evening routine!


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Milk And Crackers – Making the Most Of Almond Milk Pulp

I had a former father-in-law who loved milk and crackers. He would crush saltine crackers into a bowl and then pour milk over them. I can’t imagine a dish that is more void of nutrition or more lackluster in presentation…

Enough nostalgia, here’s a new twist on milk and crackers. Plan to make your almond milk and crackers in the same day. One thing I love about the mostly raw vegan lifestyle is how little waste there is. And the waste that we do have is all compostable. (But, more about my composting experience in a future blog entry.)

Lately we have been enjoying raw granola with freshly made almond milk and fruit for breakfast. This meal is so delicious, and made even better with pumpkin seeds added. Anyway, I make one quart of milk early in the week and this lasts us nearly one week. So on the same day I plan to make almond milk, I also plan to make our famous, nutritious and delicious corn chips since that recipe calls for almonds as well.

After I make the almond milk and strain out the pulp, I have just enough pulp to add to the corn chip recipe. How easy is that? What’s really fantastic is that it only takes about 30 minutes total to make both these recipes and they last us all week long. That’s great time management, nutrition and conservation all in one package.

To your health,


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Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

What a great time Alan and I had yesterday, feasting on all the lucsious living and nutritonally dense food we had prepared for Thanksgiving. We were reveling in the fact that we could have such a rich Thanksgiving Feast and know that every spoonful we consumed was actually good for us. What a novel concept!

We remembered the days when we would stuff ourselves on turkey, gravy, sugary sweet potato cassesole, white rolls, Aunt Novelle’s lime green jello salad, pies and more! Our stomachs would be so stuffed (not to mention what this food was doing to our arteries, by stuffing them full of cholesterol) we wouldn’t feel like doing anything but sleeping.

Yesterday, after eating living vegetable loaf and stuffing warmed in the dehydrator, raw cranberry orange salad, orange slices, strawberries, marinated green beans, butternut squash soup, wild rice, and garlic mashed potatos (yes, we did eat a few things that were cooked – but made vegan style) – we felt great. Best of all, we enjoyed ourselves and took great care of our bodies in doing so – who said you can’t have it all?


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Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about eating healthy for the upcoming holidays and for the New Year.

Show notes:

  • Get a jump start to meet and maintain health goals for the New Year.
  • In our October newsletter, we highlighted more holiday health tips.
  • Health is holistic: focus your goals on health for your whole body, mind and spirit.
  • Eating healthy is a key to your health, but it’s not the only key.
  • Get regular moderate exercise – it’s good for your body, mind and spirit. Duke University study shows exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants.
  • Exercise has mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Wonderful time of year – get outside – enjoy fresh, cool air.
  • Take time to de-stress and relax regularly. Chronic stress creates toxins, toxins lead to formation of acid, acid leads to disease.
  • Jean shares how eliminating TV has resulted in less stress and better sleep. Alan shares how changing his negative thoughts while driving is de-stressing him.
  • Set time aside to get daily spiritual nutrition. Take time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude – choose thankfulness.
  • Plan healthy simple foods to eat daily. Try a new fruit or vegetable each week. Have nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruits, and vegetable sticks around for snacking.
  • Give yourself a gift of healthy encouragement. Sign up for Hallelujah Acres Newsletter. It’s free! . Be encouraged by testimonies – wholesome recipes – practical information.


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Listen Now:

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Healthy Camping Food

Last week we were on a much needed vacation. Because funds were tight, we decided to get away by going tent camping and are we ever glad we did. There is nothing like going camping to get back to nature, simplify life, and gain a renewed perspective about priorities. Of course tent camping in October in Florida can still be a bit hot. (The last night of our 6 night camping trip our neighbors, who had a trailer, lent us their fan – ahh, a cool breeze.)

Normally when you think of tent camping, you think about unhealthy camping foods like grilled hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and smores. Those camping foods don’t mix well with a mostly raw whole food diet. For all our faithful listeners who may also want to camp but don’t know what they will do about food here’s what we did.

We started out by making a week’s supply of our raw granola (with added pumpkin and sunflower seeds), trail mix, and corn chips. In addition we brought a large salad, fresh fruit like apples and bananas, raw almond butter and of course lot’s of bottled water.

Breakfast consisted of raw granola, fresh fruit and packaged almond milk. This was a very filling and satisfying meal to start the day with. It is loaded with protein and complex carbohydrates for energy and staying power. Lunch and snacks consisted of apples dipped in almond butter and trail mix as needed. For the first few days we also ate off the large salad we brought.

After the salad was gone, we ate dinner out at a place like Sweet Tomatoes or Panera where we could get a good salad or something fresh with some raw veggies. If the truth be told there were a few times we indulged. For example when we were in the Florida Keys we ate fresh, I mean fresh out of the water that day, fish. When we were in Tarpon Springs, settled by the Greek sponge divers, we thought it would be ideal to have a piece of Baklava. However, as we should have predicated, the sugar in it was way too over powering. We just did not enjoy it like we thought we would have.

Of course we did more than just eat, we rode our bikes nearly everyday, visited remote beaches and wildlife areas, gazed upon dark starry nights and simply savored all of God’s creation. On this trip we truly discovered the joy of distressing, relaxing, reevaluating our lives and not living according to a schedule – at least for 7 days. Now we will be reevaluating some of our work load, goals and objectives to ensure that we live truer to all God is showing us and teaching us.


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