Carrots And Carrot Tops

The carrots planted in our winter garden are still coming to fruition and the end of March has already passed. The carrot seeds, being so small, were sown directly into the prepared garden bed. We chose an heirloom mix with three different colored carrot roots: orange, purple and white. They have a mild and sweet flavor.

As beautiful as carrots are, it’s the carrot tops that really get your attention. The lush, green, parsley like foliage is so gorgeous, it’s a shame to just cast it into the compost pile like it doesn’t have anything of value to offer.  So before I decapitated those fluffy green tops from the long, stocky and stubby roots they were attached to I did a quick search on the internet to see whether they were edible. What was discovered is that indeed, carrot tops are quite edible and full of nutrition, especially vitamin K, but also minerals and proteins. Use caution however, especially if you have skin sensitivities, apparently there is some evidence that people can get a skin irritation from eating carrot tops called photo dermatitis.

The good news is you don’t have to discard your beautiful carrot tops anymore, instead use them like any other green. Therefore they can be used either raw or cooked; in soups, salads, juice and green smoothies. I decided to use mine in our salad tonight as well as in a new recipe called mean greens I came across from the Happy Healthy Human raw food restaurant in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida at 1869 South Patrick Drive.

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