Rush Limbaugh Diet – QWL – Quick Weight Loss Centers

All the rage right now is about the recent announcement of the Rush Limbaugh Diet as he modeled it from QWL or the Florida based Quick Weight Loss Centers. The diet supposedly uses supplements, an appetite suppressant, protein balancing and calorie counting and calorie restriction to help Rush lose weight.

While Rush has lost some 80 pounds in a couple of months according to him he claims to feel great and says he is the healthiest he has ever been. Several years ago Rush lost a bunch of weight and then gained it all back so he is now on the QWLC diet and is continuing to lose weight.

Do get me wrong , it’s great that Rush has gone on a weight loss program, but is what he is doing the best way to lose weight and be healthy? The problem with these kind of programs where you actually go on a diet is that at some point you have to go off the diet. Then what are you faced with? If you don’t change the way you eat on a permanent basis you will never be able to keep the weight off.

Weight loss and staying healthy is not about going on a diet, it is about eating a healthy diet every day, not just when you are overweight. If you want to stay healthy, you have to eat healthy all the time as a matter of lifestyle instead of dieting. It’s all about the mindset of how you treat your body instead of eating anything you want at any time and thinking that it’s okay because all you have to do is go on some calorie counting diet.

Don’t fool yourself, while the Rush Limbaugh diet at Quick Weight Loss Center may help you lose weight, it probably won’t help you keep it off. If you’d like to try some great tasting food full of nutrition that you can eat all the time, check out the healthy recipes section of our website.