Have You Ever Had Sprouted Rye Bread?

Reminiscing the other day about one of my favorite treats as a child gave me the inspiration for this sprouted bread recipe.  Specifically, memories of my dad bringing home a freshly baked loaf of rye bread from Bangor Rye Bread Company still make my mouth water. Their rye bread was better than dessert. I especially liked the hard, chewy crust. And the caraway seeds were like icing on the cake.
To satisfy my desire for rye bread, I decided to experiment with the sprouted bread recipe, which you can find on our website, by substituting  rye berries for the wheat berries. Otherwise the bread is made the same way :

First sprout  the grain for 18-24 hours, then process it in the food processor until it creates a ball, next shape the dough into a ball, placing it in a small Pyrex type bowl, place the bowl  in your crock pot, cover and cook on low for 6-9 hours depending on the size of the loaf and the consistency you like. And voila! You have a wonderful, dark, sweet sprouted rye bread that is packed full of nutrition.

The only thing the bread was missing was the caraway seeds….next time.

The Hidden Secret Of Morbid Obesity – Enablers

My wife Jean and I were watching Oprah last night (okay I admit it, I do watch O once in a while) and one of the stories she was featuring was about the world’s most extreme yo-yo dieter. The morbidly obese Michael Hebranko was a guest by Skype yesterday with Oprah and he has lost and gained more than 3,000 pounds in his lifetime. He once tipped the scales at 1,100 pounds, lost 902 pounds and then, amazingly, gained it all back.

Hebranko claims that at one sitting he ate 24 pork chops, 2 pounds of bacon and 3 dozen eggs and I assume that he has to eat somewhere near that amount on a regular basis to get to the kind of weight he was carrying and keep it on. That’s a huge amount of food and it also must have cost a good chunk of change to buy that amount of groceries. A quick calculation tells you that meal just for the food alone, not counting cooking an storage costs, would set you back somewhere between $45 and $50.

At one point in Hebranko’s life he was bed ridden for 3 years. Yes, that means he never got out of bed for a period of 3 entire years. Besides the obvious problems of cleaning and toileting himself there’s another problem no one ever seems to discuss in these cases. It’s incredibly obvious, but still, no one ever talks about it.

What I’m referring to is how was Hebranko able to buy, prepare and eventually consume that much food without someone helping him? He had to have an enabler to allow him to get to the weight that he did. He was bedridden for 3 entire years. He had to have someone go to the grocery store for him and buy enormous amounts of food, more food than any large family would eat. Someone had to cook the food, bring it to him and then clean up after him. And that someone is equally responsible for his huge weight gain.

Hebranko’s enabler or enablers also had to make enough money to feed him as well. Even if you spent $50 a day to feed that kind of food addiction we’re talking about spending $350 a week or more than $18,000 a year for food for a single person. Those that weigh that much and are bedridden obviously can’t work so someone else has to foot the bill for food and everything else for them. Imagine taking $1,500 every month out of your paycheck to feed your overweight relative. Would you do that?

And that’s the point of this whole post, who in their right mind would allow someone they love to eat that much food, especially when they are the one that has control over the situation because they are the one that has to prepare the food for them? We eat a mostly raw diet, but If I told my wife I wanted to eat a salad that took 3 heads of lettuce, a pound of tomatoes and a pound of carrots to prepare just for myself, she would think I was mad.

An enabler that allows their relative to gain that much weight is like the enabler who goes to the liquor store and buys a case of booze when their passed out husband, father, brother or mother can’t get to the car to drive themselves to get their own poison.

An enabler doesn’t have to necessarily be the one that goes to the store because their relative is to fat to go themselves. Maybe they’re the one that insists those at the table take another helping of mashed potatoes when someone says they are full, or insists someone eats a piece of grandma’s special apple pie when someone says no thanks, or makes 10 servings of spaghetti when their family only needs 5 helpings. Enablers are at every level of the overeating process, not just assisting those that are morbidly obese.

Please Oprah, let’s get to the heart of these matters and do a show that examines the issue about those that enable their relatives to almost kill themselves. Maybe we could save a few people from going down this path of morbid obesity.

Vegan Burger Recipe

Our latest menu in the LeStourgeon household will include a delicious vegan burger recipe also known as veggie burgers. This burger recipe is very simple and easy to make, but, as with most raw recipes it requires the family chef to plan ahead. To assemble on Sunday evening, so your family will have them available for eating throughout the week, start soaking the grain on Friday night. (for a sweeter flavor, try rye berries instead of wheat.)

In addition to soaking and sprouting the rye berries in an Easy Sprout (which takes 18-24 hours), begin soaking your walnuts and sunflower seeds at least 8 hours before you plan to use them. After the nuts and seeds have soaked for 8 hours, drain, rinse and cover with purified water and then place in refrigerator until ready for use. I soaked mine Saturday night since I wanted to be making vegan burgers Sunday evening.

As you can see from the picture, I used our 7 cup kitchen aid food processor to process all the ingredients together:

1.5 cups sprouted rye berries
½ cup sunflower seeds
2/3 cup walnuts
½ sweet onion
1 medium carrot
1.5 stalks celery
¼-1/2 tsp. herbamare
1 tsp braggs aminos

When the ingredients have been processed to the consistency you like, spoon onto teflex sheets. To make a 3 inch  patty that is 3/8 inch thick (after dehydration) spoon mixture into 1/3 cup measuring cup and invert onto teflex sheet.  Next take the back side of a spatula and press down to form a patty that is about ½ inch thick. This vegan burger recipe makes 6-8 patties. Place in your Excalibur dehydrator on high for the first hour, then lower heat to medium low. Flip vegan burgers about half way through the dehydrating cycle. Total dehydration time is 4-6 hours depending on how you prefer them done.

Check back again to learn how to build a better burger!

4th Of July Recipes

Check out these healthy 4th Of July Recipes. Traditionally burgers and hot dogs are the standard fare at most July 4th picnics with maybe a little coleslaw thrown in and of course potato chips and soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi and the like. However, these recipes for the 4th are healthier and mostly raw, so you can have a great time celebrating our nation’s Independence and be healthy at the same time.

Veggie Burger Recipe
What’s a 4th of July celebration without burgers? With these veggie burgers made from sprouted wheat berries and veggies, you can have burgers without all the harmful fat and cholesterol.

Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe
Don’t worry, these potatoes aren’t raw, they’re fairly traditional garlic mashed, but without the added fat of sour cream and butter. We use safflower oil as a substitute for butter.

Roasted Potato Recipe
Here’s another potato recipe that’s delicious. This recipe is for creamer potatoes, but you can use different potatoes and cuts to make them more like french fries if you’d like.

Cole Slaw Recipe
You can’t have a 4th of July cookout or picnic without coleslaw. My wife Jean loves slaw and this recipe uses sesame oil and our famous spicy oriental coleslaw dressing. I’m sure you will love it.

Red Cabbage Recipe
Here’s another slaw type recipe made with red cabbage and using the same cole slaw dressing.

Green Salad Tips
This isn’t a recipe, but it’s just some good tips on how to make your green salads much more appealing. A lot of variety in your salads is the key to not letting them get boring.

Homemade Fruit Ice Cream
the 4th of July is a great time for ice cream and this ice cream recipe is made from nothing other than frozen fruit using a Champion Juicer. For a patriotic ice cream you can use bananas, strawberries and blueberries or blackberries for those traditional red, white and blue colors. This is a great treat and contains zero fat.

That about does it for our healthy 4th of July recipes. We hope you enjoy them and hope you have a safe and healthy 4th of July celebration.