Obama Health Care Show – What About Personal Responsibility?

As my wife and I were sitting around watching the Obama Health Care town meeting last night, one recurring thing that kept cropping up in our conversation about the prospect of the government spending another trillion and a half to 2 trillion dollars (money that we don’t have) on some new program was, what about personal responsibility?

Why doesn’t that question ever come up? The person who is most responsible for their own health is none other that you. You can do more for yourself than any government organization, insurance company or any kind of doctor by changing your diet away from processed foods and high fat meats and eating more fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrition. Shuffling around who makes the decisions for your healthcare and how the money in the system is allocated will do absolutely nothing to actually help people get healthier. And that’s the real issue we’re dealing with here, but instead we are only dealing with the symptoms.

Supposedly there are 46 million uninsured people living in the United States and the whole point of Obama health care is to figure out how to cover those people with insurance. But honestly, that’s just simply the wrong approach. What we should be talking about is how to get or keep those 46 million people healthy, not just how to insure them. We should also be working on programs for those that are already insured to keep them healthy as well. The current medical model of health care is to treat sick people instead of trying to keep people from getting sick in the first place.

Unfortunately, one of the major problems with healthcare today is that people in the medical field don’t seems associate diet with health. A perfect case in point is that one of the questions posed to President Obama last night came from nursing student Hershaw Davis Jr who is probably 150 pounds overweight. After answering Hershaw’s question, The President remarked that we need more people like Hershaw in the medical profession. I’m sorry to say this, but no we don’t. Mr Davis is the perfect example of entirely what’s wrong with the medical profession because he shows exactly the disconnect between diet and disease that is so rampant in medicine today. While Mr Davis may be able to do his job quite well, I wouldn’t know, the point is his size and the unhealthy conditions related to his obesity speaks volumes about where medicine is today.

My family has also experienced the oblivious to diet thinking in the medical profession when my dad had quadruple bypass surgery last year. After his radically invasive surgery and 4 days in cardiac intensive care, the second day up in his regular room he was served a pork sandwich and greasy french fries for lunch. Is there any other nearly perfect example of how out of touch medicine is with the benefits of a healthy diet? It is almost as if they were doing everthing they could to make sure my dad would be back in for another radical surgey some day.

The Cost Of Healthcare

Of course you can’t talk about national health care with out talking about the enormous cost and burden to Americans that something like this will be. And once again with Medicare we have another perfect example of government trying to run something and doing it about as inefficently as possible. In fact the question must be asked, has the government run any large scale program effieciently? Is there a single government program that anyone can point to that is profitable? What makes anyone think they can succeed with national health care?

But let’s get back to Medicare. Medicare was started to provide medical insurance to the elderly and is so seriously overbudget it threatens the economic fabric of our entire country. Medicare in effect is the elephant in the room. It is a disaster and is weighing down our economy to the tune of over $25 trillion (yes trillion, not billion) in unfunded liabilities.

We as a nation owe more to Medicare than all other government programs combigned, what makes anyone think that what the government couldn’t fund for the elderly will be able to fund for everyone else?

We will never, ever solve the healthcare crisis in the United States until we get down to the only issue at hand, the link between diet and disease. And until the medical profession and the government realizes the problem and stops throwing money at symptoms, money that we don’t have, nothing will get done.

The only thing you can personally do to increase your chances of avoiding serious disease is to eat a healthy diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables and exercise on a regular basis. The government will always do what it does best and that is spend money. Nationalized healthcare may be the last program the government creates before our entire economy goes bankrupt, the least you can do is choose to eat healthy and not participate in the coming fiasco.