Avoid The Resveratrol Rebill Scam

It never ceases to amaze me that every time you turn around someone is running some kind of diet scam. The latest one to come around is the resveratrol scam.

Resveratrol was recently featured on 60 minutes as an ingredient in red wine that can help promote longevity, has antioxidant properties, weight loss and other healthy properties. Doctors have been saying for some time now that drinking a glass (that’s one glass) of red wine per day did help promote better health and digestion. The benefits of red wine have now been linked to the ingredient resveratrol in the wine.

Now diet pill and weight loss scammers have taken that to mean you can isolate resveratrol in wine and put it into some sort of pill and then charge people $80 a month or so to get this garbage shipped to you every month. The problem is, hardly anyone knowns they’re being billed until they get their credit card statement and see an errant $80 to $100 charge. And that’s not the end of it because the consumer then finds out that it’s nearly impossible to cancel these charges.

Avoiding Resveratrol Scams

Unfortunately the supposed resveratrol scam review sites you’ll find when you Google resveratrol terms aren’t real review sites at all, they’re just sites telling you that you need to read their review before they turn around and rip you off.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off if you think you want to try a resveratrol supplement is to buy it on eBay, from your favorite local health food store or from an online retailer like Vitamin Shoppe where you just pay for your bottle of supplements and if you like it then you can buy it again as you decide and not be rebilled on a monthly basis for it.

Don’t get scammed by the supposed free resveratrol trials, because they aren’t free at all. Read more about the resveratrol scams here.