Burger King’s Ultimate Double Whopper Of Death

I keep seeing this Burger king commercial on TV and when they put the actual burger together featured in the commercial you see 3 pieces of cheese being placed on a burger patty along with 4 strips of bacon and then some sort of artery clogging sauce on top of that. Unfortunately I can’t find that burger in question, but I did find some interesting info on the Ultimate Double Whopper which I think was inspired by Homer Simpson.

If you want a burger that will kill you, then eat the Utimate Double Whopper. If you simply don’t give a rip at all about your diet, your body or any of the organs in your body, such as the main one that pumps blood, then go ahead and gorge yourself on the Ultimate Double Whopper. This gargantuan, heart stopping burger will give 123% of the recommended fat per day with its 80 grams of such fat in 1200 staggering calories, 35 of those grams being fully saturated.

How much more gluttonous can we get as a society? I guess that depends on how fast we want to kill ourselves. This ultimate Burger King burger has 2 slices of american cheese, and 8 half slices of bacon (that’s 4 full pieces) and of course that’s all on top of the already more than enough 2 beef patties. Slop some mayo on this beast, add some fries and you have a meal that could stop the heart of an elephant, much more a person. 

I wonder when someone will get smart and start building paramedic stations near Burger king restaurants, or better yet maybe hospitals should start building heart centers next door to them. Will the lawyers be far behind?

Maybe it would be better if we could avoid all this and just eat a bit healthier. What do you think?