Acai Berry Diet Scam Really Is A Scam

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on Google or MySpace or Facebook or any of the other hundreds of places promoting some sort of acai berry diet pill or potion. They offer a free trial of their product and all you have to do is pay a small shipping fee of somewhere around $5 or so. The truth is these things are the biggest scams on the internet today and you should run away from them as fast as you can.

Unfortunately though when you try to get information about thse products by googling acai berry diet scam you end up with search results that supposedly review these sites and tell you which ones are the best. In reality, these sites are also scams because they are really selling the scam products themselves.

Two things make these the biggest scams out there:

The first is the cost. Once you order your free trial you get 14 days to try the product and after the 14 day period your credit card starts getting billed for $60 to $90 a month for the junk and then you find out it’s nearly impossible to cancel your order.

The second reason this is a scam is because Acai berries have no inherent weight loss properties. While they are a highly nutritional food they won’t in any way help you lose weight. It’s all just intense marketing that results in you, the consumer, losing money instead of weight.

In your quest to lose weight after a possible holiday binge, don’t fall for these acai berry diet scams. Read more about this acai berry scam and how it works.

Burger King’s Ultimate Double Whopper Of Death

I keep seeing this Burger king commercial on TV and when they put the actual burger together featured in the commercial you see 3 pieces of cheese being placed on a burger patty along with 4 strips of bacon and then some sort of artery clogging sauce on top of that. Unfortunately I can’t find that burger in question, but I did find some interesting info on the Ultimate Double Whopper which I think was inspired by Homer Simpson.

If you want a burger that will kill you, then eat the Utimate Double Whopper. If you simply don’t give a rip at all about your diet, your body or any of the organs in your body, such as the main one that pumps blood, then go ahead and gorge yourself on the Ultimate Double Whopper. This gargantuan, heart stopping burger will give 123% of the recommended fat per day with its 80 grams of such fat in 1200 staggering calories, 35 of those grams being fully saturated.

How much more gluttonous can we get as a society? I guess that depends on how fast we want to kill ourselves. This ultimate Burger King burger has 2 slices of american cheese, and 8 half slices of bacon (that’s 4 full pieces) and of course that’s all on top of the already more than enough 2 beef patties. Slop some mayo on this beast, add some fries and you have a meal that could stop the heart of an elephant, much more a person. 

I wonder when someone will get smart and start building paramedic stations near Burger king restaurants, or better yet maybe hospitals should start building heart centers next door to them. Will the lawyers be far behind?

Maybe it would be better if we could avoid all this and just eat a bit healthier. What do you think?

How Big Will The 7-11 Big Gulp Get?

Just how big does the 7-11 Big Gulp need to be? How big is it going to get before someone finally says, “Enough, we can’t add one more ounce to the Big Gulp, it is done.”

The reason I’m bringing this up is that a couple of days ago Jean and I stopped in at the local 7-Eleven in Palm Bay, FL to get gas and as I was standing outside our SUV pumping gas I looked over towards the entrance of the store and saw a guy carrying his Big Gulp mug under his arm. It was funny because as I looked at Jean sitting in our truck, she was looking at the guy too and then looked at me. No, he wasn’t carrying the mug by the handle as you would a cup, it was actually tucked under his arm as you would carry a basketball or a case of water, that’s how big the mug was. We both had quite a laugh at this scene, I only wish I would have had a camera.

I’m guessing the mug was the size of the largest Big Gulp known as the Super Big Gulp coming in at a whopping 64 ounces of soda (according to the 7 Eleven Wiki page). That’s one half gallon of soda in a single cup. With the insulation on this guy’s mug he had to carry it under his arm because it was more the size of a cooler than it was an actual soft drink. If you don’t put ice in your drink (I know no one does that, but you could) you can get 64 ounces of soda in your Super Big Gulp cooler…er, mug.

So, how much sugar is in that much soda? Right on a can of Coke it says there are 39 grams of sugar in the 12 ounce can. Take those 39 grams and multiply it by 5.33 to get to your 64 ounces of soda and you have 208 grams of sugar in a 64 ounce Coke if that’s what you’re drinking. That comes out to seven and one third ounces of sugar in your 64 ounce drink, that’s nearly one half pound of sugar in the cooler you call a soft drink. And if you think you’re doing your body good by drinking a diet soda, think of all the artificial sweetener it takes to sweeten a 64 ounce beverage. Those stats ought to give you a headache if the sucralose or splenda in it doesn’t.

The next time you think about having a soda nearly big enough to take a bath in, try a healthy smoothie instead or just have water.

I wonder if 7 Eleven will put wheels on the next size up Super Duper Big Gulp so you can push it around like a trash can or luggage.