Plastic Water Bottles Out, Stainless Steel Water Bottles In

People are finally catching on to the health risks inherent in drinking purified water out of plastic bottles. Unfortunately many of these plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water they are carrying. Now, let’s think about this…if we’re going to take the time to drink purified water why should we use a container that leaches harmful chemicals?

All the talk in the news lately about this serious problem was just the push we needed to finally get rid of our own plastic water bottles. We purchased stainless steel (304 grade) refillable bottles. Though there are many places from which we could order these beautiful jewel tone, 20 oz bottles (I got the red and Alan got the blue, the match our cell phones) we chose to support an organization that has been a true inspiration to us: Their store is located at .

For $11 dollars a piece the bottles are a bargain. Over time, the money spent on bottled water can easily be recouped plus we aren’t throwing our share of plastic bottles in landfills any longer. Now we fill our elegant stainless steel water bottles directly from our own water purification system at home.

These bottles are a great investment: they are beautifully designed, lightweight, fun to drink from, have a handy clip for easy carrying, keep your water cold, but most of all they are safe!

To your health,