Are There Any Truly Natural Skin Care Products?

I have been reading every place on the internet lately about the warnings of using products on our bodies (cosmetics, body washes, lotions etc) that contain certain chemicals. Although the skin is the largest organ of our body, we often think very little about the impact our body care products may have on our overall health.

Yet, think about it, there are many medications nowadays that are in patch form. Why? Because when they are adhered to the skin, the skin absorbs the medication very effectively into the blood stream. Recently I began using an essential oil blend from Nature’s Inventory for my restless legs. It is amazing how quickly the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream to provide the therapeutic effect.

This experience really began to wake me up to the importance of what we put on our skin. It dawned on me that most people were absorbing many things through their skin into their bloodstream that were never intended to be put inside their bodies and likely were not promoting good health. That’s when I started to search for completely natural, safe enough to eat, skin and hair care products. Because the reality is, what you put on your skin is part of your “diet”.

Sadly, so many products on the market that use the words “all natural” and “organic” are far from it. I thought I had found my utopia of skin care products when I found Pure Soap Life products. They advertise that they are made from 100 % certified organic cold-processed extracts. I trusted that. Until I began to look a little closer at the label and found that several chemicals they are using are synthetic and are possibly harmful. Chemicals such as Cocamide MEA (possibly contains DEA a known carcinogen) and DMDM Hydantoine (a preservative) that works by releasing formaldehyde into the product.

I purchased 2 Pure Life Soap products. The Coconut Body lotion, which I love, does appear to be all natural. It makes my skin very soft and I have experienced no dryness as I do with other moisturizers. The other product was the Aloe Hand and Body Wash which I was enjoying until I discovered that they were using some synthetic and possibly harmful ingredients.

Oh well, we will keep you posted on the search for truly 100% organic and safe nutritive body care products. I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

Be in health,


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