Taking Care Of Mind, Body And Spirit

Being healthy means taking care of mind, body and spirit. Every week Alan and I plan an outing to refresh our relationship by reconnecting in a relaxing atmosphere. Last Saturday, as Providence would have it, was his birthday and also, one of our favorite local musicians, Mike Fred, was playing his guitar at the East Coast Coffee and Tea Company on Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne. This was a birthday treat.
In addition to the great music, the cozy atmosphere and the sweet fellowship, the tea was delectable. If you’ve read our blog much, you’ve heard me mention Numi Tea before and how absolutely fine this tea is. Well, little did I know that East Coast Coffee and tea Company carries practically the full line of Numi tea including their flowering teas. I thought I was my birthday!
Deciding to live dangerously, I plunged in and tried a new flavor (all of Numi’s teas are natural (they don’t just say natural – they don’t use excitotoxins, aka natural flavors) and organic. Although, caffeine has not been part of my diet for about 1 year, I decided to try the Velvet Garden. This tea really lives up to it’s name. An enchanting blend of rose petals and the tender bud of the tea plant (white tea) makes this a tea that will calm the mind while stimulating the imagination. Give velvet garden a try and enjoy the fragrant rose scent in your nostrils, as you sip and dream, sip and dream.

Enjoy a fun outing and reconnect with your loved ones.


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