Colon Cleansing

The first Healthy Diet Podcast of 2008 is about having a healthy colon and colon cleansing.

Show notes:

  • January is a great time to cleanse your colon because all the toxic holiday junk food is behind you.
  • The colon is the body’s main elimination organ. If the colon is not working properly, toxins are not eliminated. When toxins build up it results in dis-ease of the body.
  • A healthy colon food moves through it in 24-36 hours.
  • A person should produce 2-3 bowel movements a day, one for each meal consumed. Infrequent bowel movements mean your system is backing up.
  • Some of the possible signs of an unhealthy colon are: Headaches, fatigue, back pain, gas, body odor, bad breath, acne, and allergies.
  • You can view actual pictures at from a colon cleanse (Not for the squeamish).
  • Improve colon health by eating a whole food diet high in fiber. Animal products are hard to digest and contain no fiber.
  • Find a good product like Fiber Cleanse from Hallelujah Acres.
  • Good information on colon health at .
  • Start the New Year right and improve your health by “cleaning house.”

Visit the healthy recipe section of our web site for some delicious and healthy foods so you can stay cleaned out.


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