Raw Food Chronicle

When I was transitioning to a mostly raw, living food diet I always wondered, ‘What are people who say they are raw vegans really eating every day? I mean, I know what they say they are eating, but if I were a fly on the wall, what would I actually see these people eating.’ So, if you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the LeStourgeon home to see what we really eat on a day to day basis, read on. Today’s blog entry chronicles what I ate today.

The very first thing I eat everyday is actually not a food but a beverage – 8-16 oz of water is the first thing that goes into my body every day. Next, I ate an orange while checking email. After checking and responding to email, I wrote a blog entry and then watered our vegetable garden, cutting green onions and fresh herbs to use later. Once those chores were done, I ate about ¾ cups raw granola with almond milk and 1 very ripe banana.

As the morning grew late, it was time to make living tomato vegetable soup for our lunch. In addition to the tomato base, added veggies included sliced carrots, sweet potatos, corn, turnip, parsnips, and green onions. We ate the soup with dehydrated garden veggie crackers. Then I went off to the office for afternoon and evening appointments. For a snack a couple handfuls of sweet red grapes held me over until dinner and satisfied my sweet tooth.

After work, dinner was comprised of a large green salad filled with lots of different veggies made by Alan. With the salad I ate one small slice of 100% whole wheat crust veggie pizza and a few packaged tortilla chips. Today’s menu was totally healthy and satisfying.


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