How to Peel an Orange

I was talking with a friend recently about our mostly raw food diet and somehow we got on the subject of eating oranges. Oranges are so delicious, but they can be awfully messy. Here in America most kids grow up learning to eat that big navel orange they get in their Christmas stocking by peeling it by hand and then breaking it into sections. This method can make quite a mess. Well folks, there is a better way this Christmas morning to enjoy your navel orange.

As my friend began to tell me how her Spanish friends eat oranges, the light got brighter, I realized that I too had used this method of orange preparation in the past, but had used it only for preparing an orange as an hor d’oeuvres. This morning, rather than juicing my orange, I decided to cut it up as my friend described and voila it was easy as pie! Here are the steps.

First, you need a very sharp, thin paring knife. Second, start at the top of your orange and draw your knife down to the very bottom, cutting through the skin. Make strips, about 1-2 inches wide, all the way around the orange. Then slice off the very top and bottom of the orange. Now, stand the orange up, steady it with a fork, and take your paring knife and slice the skin away from the flesh. Once it is completely peeled, slice the orange into bite size wedges or slices and enjoy.


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