Eliminate the White this Christmas

There are so many events this time of year where we will be assaulted with the white stuff – I’m talking white sugar and flour specifically. For those of you who have courageously eliminated this poison from your diet, you may be tempted to indulge (I know I am). So what can a mostly raw vegan do to stay healthy and still enjoy the savory festivities of this time of year?

First and foremost is the number one rule of a healthy lifestyle – plan ahead. I have quite a sweet tooth at times so this is a must for me. Planning special treats that you don’t normally eat on a regular basis is key. Keep sweet fruits around that are already washed and cut up like red grapes, pineapple and Florida strawberries. These delicious fruits from the garden dazzle the eye and delight the senses.

You can also whip up some special beverages that will remind you of the holiday cheer: fresh apple juice with cranberries, almond nog (freshly made almond milk with a dash of nutmeg and vanilla) and peppermint tea – delicious! If you’re still craving that special something that reminds you of the holidays make energy balls (you can leave out the green magma if you want) and decadent dark chocolate truffles.

With all the wonderful fresh and living foods available, there is no reason to feel deprived during the holidays. Eat healthy and enjoy this Christmas season.

In His joy,


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