Organic Leafy Greens And Raw Almonds Update

This month’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about news on organic leafy greens and the California raw almonds update.

Show notes:

  • $20 million, 4 year organic produce study coordinated by European Union. Found Up to 40% more antioxidants and mineral content higher. Even milk from organically raised cows had up to 90% more antioxidants than conventional milk.
  • USDA issued an advanced notice of proposed rule making recently, trying to establish uniform growing practices to protect consumer health against ecoli bacteria.
  • Farmers in California asked to take extreme measures that indirectly eliminate biodiversity on farms by destroying hedgerows around farms.
  • Natural vegetation surrounding farm fields actually has many benefits for organic farmers. It’s the bagged leafy greens produced by manufacturing type farms that typically have the ecoli problems. Visit the Cornucopia Institute for more info on these regulations.
  • Unbagged leafy greens have fewer problems and are more likely to come from smaller farms.
  • The prevalence of the virulent E. coli 0157 in our food system is due to the animal industry being allowed to raise cattle in stressful environments on unnatural diets. A grass diet for cattle vs a grain diet reduces ecoli in the stomachs.
  • Government is burdening the small farmers instead of dealing with the root issue.
    Almond farmers who sell 100 Lbs a day are required to pasteurize (aka kill) their almonds.
  • Are these regulations really about protecting consumer health when the regulations result in a decrease in nutritional value?
  • Almond framers using propylene oxide to pasteurize almonds is raising concern for consumers. Propylene oxide is a gas used for fumigation as part of the pasteurization process. Banned by European Union and Canada, the EPA identified it as a probable human carcinogen.
  • There is a war out there on our health and it begins with the farmer and we urge you to continue to support local and organic farmers.


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