Deep Breathing for Good Health

Yesterday a client came in to my office exclaiming how wonderful he felt since he had been making it a point to go outside daily for a breath of fresh air. Getting oxygenated is necessary for great health.

Think about how important oxygen is – without it we die. Oxygen is carried in the blood to every part of the body and stimulates the cells to release toxins and to rejuvenate themselves. There are many, many benefits to deep breathing.

One of the ways you can enjoy the benefits of deep breathing is by doing aerobic exercise. In my case I run around the block a few times. In this cool (Florida) weather the air is exhilarating. The oxygen fills my lungs, transfers to my blood stream and I immediately begin to feel the positive effects of oxygenation. I also begin to sweat which releases toxins as well.

Some of the wholesome benefits of aerobic exercise are strengthen the heart, improve brain functioning, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and improving overall psychological wellbeing. 

So what are you waiting for – Go get some fresh air!

To your health,


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