A Picture Of Our Home Garden

Home GardenWith the high cost of produce and because we want to use our land wisely we decided to start a small garden several weeks ago. Mind you, when I say small I mean small (3′ x 15′), but it is actually an experiment for a much larger garden possibly in the spring or later.

Jean mentioned the garden a few posts ago when she explained how we keep the pests out by natural means so I thought I’d tell you a little more about what’s in it and post a picture of it.

Starting from the top of the picture you will see marigolds, that’s to keep the pests out. Then there is broccoli and red onions together, the tomatoes, then we have romaine lettuce, more onions and tomatoes again. We finished off the other end with marigolds as well.

Now, the nice things about the garden is that we get to eat the freshest food possible, from garden to table, and we know exactly what goes into the production of our little crop. I had the privilege of getting to eat some of our romaine lettuce when Jean made me a salad yesterday. It’s a wonderful feeling to be eating the fruits of your own labor, well, it’s more like the fruits of Jean’s labor. She’s the main gardener around our house.

Jean made our faux tuna salad recipe for lunch on Monday and put it on a bed of our own fresh romaine lettuce along with cucumbers, tomatoes, raisins and our own scallions to top it off. I used a simple dressing of honey and Braggs aminos. It was a tasty treat for lunch.


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