Think Globally, Act Locally

One of the passions of our heart is to share with as many people as possible the good news about living food. Some of the effective ways to date that we have shared our passion is through developing a web site, starting a blog, recording podcasts and even developing a vegan meal planner to help people make the transition to a mostly living food lifestyle. These electronic media have helped us share the good news about living foods all across the globe…but you know the slogan, “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

A dream is about to be birthed to help fulfill this Act Locally directive. On December 15th we will, in conjunction with a raw food friend, be starting a monthly, mostly raw dinner. This will be an opportunity for friends and acquaintances in our local area of Palm Bay Florida to see and experience first hand how this life giving and healing food is made and more importantly to taste it for themselves. We are so excited about the possibilities of where this could take our community of friends and believers.

Eating living food is all about living the abundant life…by becoming all you were created to be. People who eat living food, regularly report they are sick less often, have more energy and feel better in general. Many who have had chronic illnesses of┬ávarious kinds report being healed of diseases they were told by their allopathic doctors were incurable.

Starting a once a month raw dinner is a great way to share the good news of living food and connect with like minded people. You can start one in your community too!

To your good health,


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