Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Walking through the grocery store one day I saw a food magazine in the check out line. The picture on the cover was of a chocolate peanut butter pie – formerly Alan’s favorite. Food magazines are great inspiration for new living and whole food recipes. My brain immediately went to work…how can this old favorite pie be re-created a la lifestyle?

Then it came to me. Buy fresh peanuts, freeze some bananas, and put it all through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place. Stir the ingredients all together until thoroughly mixed. Add some honey if the peanut butter banana mixture is not quite sweet enough. Pour the soupy mixture into a date-nut pie crust and put in the freezer until firm frozen. For dark decadent chocolate topping, gently warm some raw honey on the stove and mix in an adequate amount of cocoa or carob, what ever you prefer. Finally, spread the topping over the firm-frozen pie. Chill for a short time more, remove from the freezer and indulge yourself.

For Thanksgiving I made part of this recipe. First I took some fresh, raw peanuts, and roasted them slightly. After cooling them off I put them through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place alternating with frozen bananas. Once done homogenizing, I stirred together and added a little honey, poured into a bowl and froze the concoction until we were ready for dessert. Just before we were ready for dessert, I made the decadent, dark chocolate sauce described above and poured it over the peanut butter ice cream. This dessert was to die for!

Put your creative juices to work this holiday season and see what you come up with instead of indulging in fattening or sugar laden treats.

To your health,


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