Bizarro’s – A Poor Choice for Lunch

In general people seem to have this idea that eating healthy means eating bland, unsatisfying fare. Nothing could be further from the truth. Transitioning to a mostly living, whole food vegan lifestyle has never been so satisfying, energizing and healing.

This point really hit home yesterday when Alan and I got a screw in our tire as we were driving back from the produce store. We thought it would be wise to stop at a tire repair center on the way home so as to avoid a flat. It happened to be lunch time and we were quite hungry. Without thinking it through too much I said, “Let’s get some lunch while we’re waiting.”

The choices were very limited, so, I am embarrassed to say we ran across 4 lanes of busy, holiday traffic to have lunch at Bizarro’s in Melbourne Florida. Yes, Bizarro’s, the greasy pizza franchise that SAD people rave about and that actually has very good reviews on Well, we’ll give them this – they do live up to their name – “BizarreO.” Anyway, we ended up splitting a hot veggie hero: White bread (poor quality at that), canned mushrooms, canned red peppers, black olives, a few small leaves of romaine, onion and tomato with a piece of provolone cheese melted on top (yes I did say provolone cheese.)

We realized after eating lunch, looking at each other with disbelief (what were we thinking when we came in here?), that we had just eaten a lunch nearly devoid of any and all nutrition. Of course, this meal and worse is standard daily fare for many Americans. It is no wonder that as a country we are in such poor health and the diseases of affluence continue to overtake us.

In retrospect, it would have made a lot more sense to have pulled a banana out of the grocery bag and eaten that while we were waiting for the tire to be fixed. Sometimes the “old man” just takes over. But one thing is for certain, eating a cheap, nutritionally void meal now and then only reinforces, we don’t want to ever go back there.


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