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When I was transitioning to a mostly raw, living food diet I always wondered, ‘What are people who say they are raw vegans really eating every day? I mean, I know what they say they are eating, but if I were a fly on the wall, what would I actually see these people eating.’ So, if you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of the LeStourgeon home to see what we really eat on a day to day basis, read on. Today’s blog entry chronicles what I ate today.

The very first thing I eat everyday is actually not a food but a beverage – 8-16 oz of water is the first thing that goes into my body every day. Next, I ate an orange while checking email. After checking and responding to email, I wrote a blog entry and then watered our vegetable garden, cutting green onions and fresh herbs to use later. Once those chores were done, I ate about ¾ cups raw granola with almond milk and 1 very ripe banana.

As the morning grew late, it was time to make living tomato vegetable soup for our lunch. In addition to the tomato base, added veggies included sliced carrots, sweet potatos, corn, turnip, parsnips, and green onions. We ate the soup with dehydrated garden veggie crackers. Then I went off to the office for afternoon and evening appointments. For a snack a couple handfuls of sweet red grapes held me over until dinner and satisfied my sweet tooth.

After work, dinner was comprised of a large green salad filled with lots of different veggies made by Alan. With the salad I ate one small slice of 100% whole wheat crust veggie pizza and a few packaged tortilla chips. Today’s menu was totally healthy and satisfying.


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How to Peel an Orange

I was talking with a friend recently about our mostly raw food diet and somehow we got on the subject of eating oranges. Oranges are so delicious, but they can be awfully messy. Here in America most kids grow up learning to eat that big navel orange they get in their Christmas stocking by peeling it by hand and then breaking it into sections. This method can make quite a mess. Well folks, there is a better way this Christmas morning to enjoy your navel orange.

As my friend began to tell me how her Spanish friends eat oranges, the light got brighter, I realized that I too had used this method of orange preparation in the past, but had used it only for preparing an orange as an hor d’oeuvres. This morning, rather than juicing my orange, I decided to cut it up as my friend described and voila it was easy as pie! Here are the steps.

First, you need a very sharp, thin paring knife. Second, start at the top of your orange and draw your knife down to the very bottom, cutting through the skin. Make strips, about 1-2 inches wide, all the way around the orange. Then slice off the very top and bottom of the orange. Now, stand the orange up, steady it with a fork, and take your paring knife and slice the skin away from the flesh. Once it is completely peeled, slice the orange into bite size wedges or slices and enjoy.


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Eliminate the White this Christmas

There are so many events this time of year where we will be assaulted with the white stuff – I’m talking white sugar and flour specifically. For those of you who have courageously eliminated this poison from your diet, you may be tempted to indulge (I know I am). So what can a mostly raw vegan do to stay healthy and still enjoy the savory festivities of this time of year?

First and foremost is the number one rule of a healthy lifestyle – plan ahead. I have quite a sweet tooth at times so this is a must for me. Planning special treats that you don’t normally eat on a regular basis is key. Keep sweet fruits around that are already washed and cut up like red grapes, pineapple and Florida strawberries. These delicious fruits from the garden dazzle the eye and delight the senses.

You can also whip up some special beverages that will remind you of the holiday cheer: fresh apple juice with cranberries, almond nog (freshly made almond milk with a dash of nutmeg and vanilla) and peppermint tea – delicious! If you’re still craving that special something that reminds you of the holidays make energy balls (you can leave out the green magma if you want) and decadent dark chocolate truffles.

With all the wonderful fresh and living foods available, there is no reason to feel deprived during the holidays. Eat healthy and enjoy this Christmas season.

In His joy,


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Organic Leafy Greens And Raw Almonds Update

This month’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about news on organic leafy greens and the California raw almonds update.

Show notes:

  • $20 million, 4 year organic produce study coordinated by European Union. Found Up to 40% more antioxidants and mineral content higher. Even milk from organically raised cows had up to 90% more antioxidants than conventional milk.
  • USDA issued an advanced notice of proposed rule making recently, trying to establish uniform growing practices to protect consumer health against ecoli bacteria.
  • Farmers in California asked to take extreme measures that indirectly eliminate biodiversity on farms by destroying hedgerows around farms.
  • Natural vegetation surrounding farm fields actually has many benefits for organic farmers. It’s the bagged leafy greens produced by manufacturing type farms that typically have the ecoli problems. Visit the Cornucopia Institute for more info on these regulations.
  • Unbagged leafy greens have fewer problems and are more likely to come from smaller farms.
  • The prevalence of the virulent E. coli 0157 in our food system is due to the animal industry being allowed to raise cattle in stressful environments on unnatural diets. A grass diet for cattle vs a grain diet reduces ecoli in the stomachs.
  • Government is burdening the small farmers instead of dealing with the root issue.
    Almond farmers who sell 100 Lbs a day are required to pasteurize (aka kill) their almonds.
  • Are these regulations really about protecting consumer health when the regulations result in a decrease in nutritional value?
  • Almond framers using propylene oxide to pasteurize almonds is raising concern for consumers. Propylene oxide is a gas used for fumigation as part of the pasteurization process. Banned by European Union and Canada, the EPA identified it as a probable human carcinogen.
  • There is a war out there on our health and it begins with the farmer and we urge you to continue to support local and organic farmers.


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Listen Now:

icon for podpress  Organic Leafy Greens And Raw Almonds Update [15:03m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (5862)

Deep Breathing for Good Health

Yesterday a client came in to my office exclaiming how wonderful he felt since he had been making it a point to go outside daily for a breath of fresh air. Getting oxygenated is necessary for great health.

Think about how important oxygen is – without it we die. Oxygen is carried in the blood to every part of the body and stimulates the cells to release toxins and to rejuvenate themselves. There are many, many benefits to deep breathing.

One of the ways you can enjoy the benefits of deep breathing is by doing aerobic exercise. In my case I run around the block a few times. In this cool (Florida) weather the air is exhilarating. The oxygen fills my lungs, transfers to my blood stream and I immediately begin to feel the positive effects of oxygenation. I also begin to sweat which releases toxins as well.

Some of the wholesome benefits of aerobic exercise are strengthen the heart, improve brain functioning, improve sleep, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and improving overall psychological wellbeing. 

So what are you waiting for – Go get some fresh air!

To your health,


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A Picture Of Our Home Garden

Home GardenWith the high cost of produce and because we want to use our land wisely we decided to start a small garden several weeks ago. Mind you, when I say small I mean small (3′ x 15′), but it is actually an experiment for a much larger garden possibly in the spring or later.

Jean mentioned the garden a few posts ago when she explained how we keep the pests out by natural means so I thought I’d tell you a little more about what’s in it and post a picture of it.

Starting from the top of the picture you will see marigolds, that’s to keep the pests out. Then there is broccoli and red onions together, the tomatoes, then we have romaine lettuce, more onions and tomatoes again. We finished off the other end with marigolds as well.

Now, the nice things about the garden is that we get to eat the freshest food possible, from garden to table, and we know exactly what goes into the production of our little crop. I had the privilege of getting to eat some of our romaine lettuce when Jean made me a salad yesterday. It’s a wonderful feeling to be eating the fruits of your own labor, well, it’s more like the fruits of Jean’s labor. She’s the main gardener around our house.

Jean made our faux tuna salad recipe for lunch on Monday and put it on a bed of our own fresh romaine lettuce along with cucumbers, tomatoes, raisins and our own scallions to top it off. I used a simple dressing of honey and Braggs aminos. It was a tasty treat for lunch.


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Think Globally, Act Locally

One of the passions of our heart is to share with as many people as possible the good news about living food. Some of the effective ways to date that we have shared our passion is through developing a web site, starting a blog, recording podcasts and even developing a vegan meal planner to help people make the transition to a mostly living food lifestyle. These electronic media have helped us share the good news about living foods all across the globe…but you know the slogan, “Think Globally, Act Locally”.

A dream is about to be birthed to help fulfill this Act Locally directive. On December 15th we will, in conjunction with a raw food friend, be starting a monthly, mostly raw dinner. This will be an opportunity for friends and acquaintances in our local area of Palm Bay Florida to see and experience first hand how this life giving and healing food is made and more importantly to taste it for themselves. We are so excited about the possibilities of where this could take our community of friends and believers.

Eating living food is all about living the abundant life…by becoming all you were created to be. People who eat living food, regularly report they are sick less often, have more energy and feel better in general. Many who have had chronic illnesses of various kinds report being healed of diseases they were told by their allopathic doctors were incurable.

Starting a once a month raw dinner is a great way to share the good news of living food and connect with like minded people. You can start one in your community too!

To your good health,


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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

Walking through the grocery store one day I saw a food magazine in the check out line. The picture on the cover was of a chocolate peanut butter pie – formerly Alan’s favorite. Food magazines are great inspiration for new living and whole food recipes. My brain immediately went to work…how can this old favorite pie be re-created a la ezHealthyDiet.com lifestyle?

Then it came to me. Buy fresh peanuts, freeze some bananas, and put it all through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place. Stir the ingredients all together until thoroughly mixed. Add some honey if the peanut butter banana mixture is not quite sweet enough. Pour the soupy mixture into a date-nut pie crust and put in the freezer until firm frozen. For dark decadent chocolate topping, gently warm some raw honey on the stove and mix in an adequate amount of cocoa or carob, what ever you prefer. Finally, spread the topping over the firm-frozen pie. Chill for a short time more, remove from the freezer and indulge yourself.

For Thanksgiving I made part of this recipe. First I took some fresh, raw peanuts, and roasted them slightly. After cooling them off I put them through the Champion Juicer with the blank in place alternating with frozen bananas. Once done homogenizing, I stirred together and added a little honey, poured into a bowl and froze the concoction until we were ready for dessert. Just before we were ready for dessert, I made the decadent, dark chocolate sauce described above and poured it over the peanut butter ice cream. This dessert was to die for!

Put your creative juices to work this holiday season and see what you come up with instead of indulging in fattening or sugar laden treats.

To your health,


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Bizarro’s – A Poor Choice for Lunch

In general people seem to have this idea that eating healthy means eating bland, unsatisfying fare. Nothing could be further from the truth. Transitioning to a mostly living, whole food vegan lifestyle has never been so satisfying, energizing and healing.

This point really hit home yesterday when Alan and I got a screw in our tire as we were driving back from the produce store. We thought it would be wise to stop at a tire repair center on the way home so as to avoid a flat. It happened to be lunch time and we were quite hungry. Without thinking it through too much I said, “Let’s get some lunch while we’re waiting.”

The choices were very limited, so, I am embarrassed to say we ran across 4 lanes of busy, holiday traffic to have lunch at Bizarro’s in Melbourne Florida. Yes, Bizarro’s, the greasy pizza franchise that SAD people rave about and that actually has very good reviews on TripAdvisor.com. Well, we’ll give them this – they do live up to their name – “BizarreO.” Anyway, we ended up splitting a hot veggie hero: White bread (poor quality at that), canned mushrooms, canned red peppers, black olives, a few small leaves of romaine, onion and tomato with a piece of provolone cheese melted on top (yes I did say provolone cheese.)

We realized after eating lunch, looking at each other with disbelief (what were we thinking when we came in here?), that we had just eaten a lunch nearly devoid of any and all nutrition. Of course, this meal and worse is standard daily fare for many Americans. It is no wonder that as a country we are in such poor health and the diseases of affluence continue to overtake us.

In retrospect, it would have made a lot more sense to have pulled a banana out of the grocery bag and eaten that while we were waiting for the tire to be fixed. Sometimes the “old man” just takes over. But one thing is for certain, eating a cheap, nutritionally void meal now and then only reinforces, we don’t want to ever go back there.


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