Three Giant Steps to Health

It’s 8:45 AM. Already today, I’ve spent time praying and meditating, doing chores, exercising in the beautiful Florida morning, tending the vegetable garden and now I’ve just sat down to enjoy some liquid sunshine (aka living OJ) I just squeezed for us. Life is grand!

It was not that long ago that I felt life was a struggle. The dark cloud of depression was always following me around. Staying in bed was more inviting than facing the day. But now, all that has changed. There are several reasons for these changes. But, first and foremost I give God all the glory for my healing and restoration. He does answer prayer. My restoration has been a long time coming. It seems like my journey has unfolded in baby step after baby step and sometimes even a few steps back. But essentially, I can boil the journey down to 3 giant steps that have radically transformed my mental and physical health.

The ingredients for my healing – all center on God and His purposes for me – but to be more specific it began with cleansing my system and going through detoxification. Three plus years ago, because of some physical problems I was having, I started eating a mostly living or as some call it a raw food and whole food vegan diet. This started to purge my body of toxins and give my body and brain the nutrition it had been lacking and needed for healing and health.

Second, I began exercising. It was actually when I started running that I had my first breakthrough mentally and physically. I truly believe the running was getting more oxygen to my brain, releasing endorphins and causing further detoxification to occur that made the difference. You see, God made the human body to be a self healing machine. This principle is all around us in nature. Our beautiful huge Oak tree was devestated by the Florida hurricanes a few years back. We wanted to cut it down – It looked as though it would never survive and if it did it would be an eyesore. Today, only 3 years later, it looks more beautiful than ever

Third, I began seriously dealing with the negative thinking and false beliefs in my heart that were contributing to the depression and my overall outlook on life and circumstances. Instead of continuing to embrace lies and negativity, I told my self the truth, God’s truth, and completely and wholeheartedly embraced it and continue to everyday. This was the final breakthrough that by God’s grace has radically changed my life.

Don’t ever believe the lie that you can’t change and become healthier in every aspect of your life – overall health is possible and quite probable – especially when you seek God to make Him the center of your life and purpose. 

In joy,


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