Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

It’s orange season in Florida again and Alan bought our first bag of oranges at Harvey’s Groves last week. Fall is probably my favorite time of year in Florida because the weather is so beautiful, the tourists have not arrived yet and we have many varieties of citrus to delight our palate.

At Harvey’s, they offer their “seconds” for sale in bulk quantities. We buy a grocery bag full for about $10. One bag will last us a week or two. (We are planning on planting an orange tree this season, so hopefully in the next few years, we will have our own crop of liquid sunshine right in our back yard.)

This first bag of oranges Alan purchased was Navels – the King of Citrus – known for its large size, wonderfully sweet flesh, juiciness and most importantly seedlessness. From this one bag we have enjoyed eating fresh orange slices and cranberry orange salad, and drinking lots of fresh squeezed orange juice.

The nutrition in fresh squeezed orange juice can’t compare to the pasteurized juice you buy in the grocery store. For starters processed OJ has only about 10% of the vitamin C available in a fresh orange and only half of the fiber. It’s really worth squeezing your own (we have an electric juicer, but actually prefer to use our old fashion manual kind) to get 100% of the vitamin C, all the living nutrition and all the yummy pulp you want.
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