Composting Made Easy

For the last few years I have thought often about creating a compost pile. As mostly raw vegans, for over 3 years, I have felt more and more convicted about recycling our garbage. In doing research I found many different types of composting containers – You can build a wire cage, side-by-side bins or purchase various and sundry composting containers. Since I didn’t want to spend $200 + dollars to see if the barrel composter (I really wanted) would work and I didn’t want to take the time to build a wire cage, I decided to use the plastic bag approach that Tom MacCubbin recommends in his book The Edible Landscape (Tom is Florida’s leading garden expert).

This approach seemed good for several reasons: First, I could set the bags descretely behind our deck – out of our view and our neighbors view. Also, since the compost would be in a plastic bag, it would not smell offensive while it was decomposing – another plus I’m sure the neighbors appreciate. Third, I could compost in various stages quite easily. This method supposedly creates compost in 4-6 weeks (according to MacCubbin) which means that the most bags I will have sitting behind the deck is 4-6. Finally, turning the compost is made quite simple by simply turning the bag every week to 10 days to mix the compost.

Well today was week 4 for my first bag, so I cautiously took a peak inside. What did I find? What I found was that my compost was starting to compost – it was all dark brown, pretty smelly and moist with some parts and pieces that had not yet decomposed: parts like small oaks leaves and twigs – but it was looking good! I’m excited about recycling kitchen scraps and will keep you posted on how the plastic bag method of composting works for us.


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