Milk And Crackers – Making the Most Of Almond Milk Pulp

I had a former father-in-law who loved milk and crackers. He would crush saltine crackers into a bowl and then pour milk over them. I can’t imagine a dish that is more void of nutrition or more lackluster in presentation…

Enough nostalgia, here’s a new twist on milk and crackers. Plan to make your almond milk and crackers in the same day. One thing I love about the mostly raw vegan lifestyle is how little waste there is. And the waste that we do have is all compostable. (But, more about my composting experience in a future blog entry.)

Lately we have been enjoying raw granola with freshly made almond milk and fruit for breakfast. This meal is so delicious, and made even better with pumpkin seeds added. Anyway, I make one quart of milk early in the week and this lasts us nearly one week. So on the same day I plan to make almond milk, I also plan to make our famous, nutritious and delicious corn chips since that recipe calls for almonds as well.

After I make the almond milk and strain out the pulp, I have just enough pulp to add to the corn chip recipe. How easy is that? What’s really fantastic is that it only takes about 30 minutes total to make both these recipes and they last us all week long. That’s great time management, nutrition and conservation all in one package.

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