Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

What a great time Alan and I had yesterday, feasting on all the lucsious living and nutritonally dense food we had prepared for Thanksgiving. We were reveling in the fact that we could have such a rich Thanksgiving Feast and know that every spoonful we consumed was actually good for us. What a novel concept!

We remembered the days when we would stuff ourselves on turkey, gravy, sugary sweet potato cassesole, white rolls, Aunt Novelle’s lime green jello salad, pies and more! Our stomachs would be so stuffed (not to mention what this food was doing to our arteries, by stuffing them full of cholesterol) we wouldn’t feel like doing anything but sleeping.

Yesterday, after eating living vegetable loaf and stuffing warmed in the dehydrator, raw cranberry orange salad, orange slices, strawberries, marinated green beans, butternut squash soup, wild rice, and garlic mashed potatos (yes, we did eat a few things that were cooked – but made vegan style) – we felt great. Best of all, we enjoyed ourselves and took great care of our bodies in doing so – who said you can’t have it all?


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