Organic Cigarettes And Sharp Sticks

It seems like everybody is jumping on the all natural, organic bandwagon these days. I received the latest issue of Fast Company in the mail the other day and bound in the magazine is a nice looking ad for American Spirit cigarettes.  American Spirit boasts being organic, additive free, all natural and their ad copy states they are:

“…reducing our footprint on the Earth and protecting our natural resources. That’s why we contract directly with independent organic farmers and advocate earth-friendly practices to grow our premium natural tobacco.”

I hope that makes you breathe a lot easier knowing this company produces a cancer stick that is all natural and good for the planet to boot. It obviously makes them feel mighty magnanimous with the Geisha-like footprints they leave on the Earth. I wonder though about the scars they leave on families who’s loved ones die of lung cancer and are buried in graves that are quite a bit bigger than a footprint.

You could liken smoking an all natural, organic cigarette to being poked in the eye with an all natural organic sharp stick. The resulting stick poke is exactly the same as that from a conventionally grown sharp stick, quite a gooey mess. But at least there is less of an impact on the environment.


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