Healthy Camping Food

Last week we were on a much needed vacation. Because funds were tight, we decided to get away by going tent camping and are we ever glad we did. There is nothing like going camping to get back to nature, simplify life, and gain a renewed perspective about priorities. Of course tent camping in October in Florida can still be a bit hot. (The last night of our 6 night camping trip our neighbors, who had a trailer, lent us their fan – ahh, a cool breeze.)

Normally when you think of tent camping, you think about unhealthy camping foods like grilled hot dogs, toasted marshmallows and smores. Those camping foods don’t mix well with a mostly raw whole food diet. For all our faithful listeners who may also want to camp but don’t know what they will do about food here’s what we did.

We started out by making a week’s supply of our raw granola (with added pumpkin and sunflower seeds), trail mix, and corn chips. In addition we brought a large salad, fresh fruit like apples and bananas, raw almond butter and of course lot’s of bottled water.

Breakfast consisted of raw granola, fresh fruit and packaged almond milk. This was a very filling and satisfying meal to start the day with. It is loaded with protein and complex carbohydrates for energy and staying power. Lunch and snacks consisted of apples dipped in almond butter and trail mix as needed. For the first few days we also ate off the large salad we brought.

After the salad was gone, we ate dinner out at a place like Sweet Tomatoes or Panera where we could get a good salad or something fresh with some raw veggies. If the truth be told there were a few times we indulged. For example when we were in the Florida Keys we ate fresh, I mean fresh out of the water that day, fish. When we were in Tarpon Springs, settled by the Greek sponge divers, we thought it would be ideal to have a piece of Baklava. However, as we should have predicated, the sugar in it was way too over powering. We just did not enjoy it like we thought we would have.

Of course we did more than just eat, we rode our bikes nearly everyday, visited remote beaches and wildlife areas, gazed upon dark starry nights and simply savored all of God’s creation. On this trip we truly discovered the joy of distressing, relaxing, reevaluating our lives and not living according to a schedule – at least for 7 days. Now we will be reevaluating some of our work load, goals and objectives to ensure that we live truer to all God is showing us and teaching us.


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