Brain Food For Good Brain Health

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about brain health and how good brain food plays an important role in taking care of your head.

Show notes:

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  • If our brain is not functioning well, you are not going to function well.
  • People ignore their brain, but the brain is involved in everything you do.
  • Dr. Amen, says, “brain controls mood, personality, intelligence and adaptability. It experiences our hopes, dreams, sorrows, pains – it is involved in everything you do…influences how you get along with others, how you think, feel and act.”
  • Diet is the number one way to care for your brain.
  • Central Alternative Charter School in Appleton, WI removed all processed foods from students diets. They provided only fresh foods, water and 100% fruit juices. The project resulted in major positive changes in behavior and learning.
  • To listen to the podcast on CACS here.
  • Amen says: “food is a drug” that has powerful effect on the brain. Diet & exercise are the cornerstone’s of Amen’s programs for anxiety & depression.
  • Amen’s dietary recommendations for good brain health: Plenty of water, adequate protein, complex carbohydrates and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • More information on Dr. Amen can be found on his website.

No podcast next week because we will be on vacation.


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