New Healthy Recipes At Our Healthy Diet Website

As announced on last week’s Healthy Diet Podcast we weren’t able to do our regularly scheduled broadcast because of Jean being out of town, but I thought I’d update you on a few new recipes up at

We implemented the interactive part of our website about 2 weeks ago and have already received 7 submissions in the form of 3 testimonies and 4 recipes. The new recipes are:

Tropical Green Smoothie
A smoothie for those who like them seriously green.

Green Coconut Smoothie
A less green version of the smoothie above with added coconut.

Peach Popsicles
A delicious treat that’s healthy and simple to make. Thanks to Joan in Chicago.

Best Oatmeal Breakfast
A¬†delicious alternative to package oatmeal full of preservatives and “natural flavors”.

In addition to these recipes added by listeners to the Healthy Diet Podcast we also have a few recipes we’ve talked about on our podcast. They are:

Healthy Corn Chip Recipe
Corn chips made from fresh ingredients with nothing added. Made in the Excalibur Dehydrator.

Veggie Burger Recipe
A dehydrated living burger made without any soy protein isolate, code for excitotoxins. Read the label on your frozen veggie burgers from the health food store just for kicks.

California Miso Soup Recipe
A quick soup Jean dreamed up in about 10 minutes. I was working in the office one day and 10 minutes after Jean went to make lunch this soup was ready. And it’s really delicious!

There you have the latest round of healthy recipes from our website. Feel free to drop by and add your own healthy recipe or two and be part of build a healthy living community.


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