More About Restless Legs Syndrome

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is a continuation of our most recent post about Restless Leg Syndrome.

Show notes:

  • Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) affects 12 million people in US. RLS is called a neurological disorder by some and a sleep disorder by others.
  • Symptoms of RLS include: unpleasant feelings or sensations in the legs. Feelings described as creeping, crawling, tingling, pulling, or painful.
  • Some have no odd feelings but have irresistible urge to move their legs. Generally symptoms come on at night and cause insomnia.
  • Periodic Limb Movement of Sleep affects whole body with jerking every 10-60 sec. Conventional medical treatment uses same medication used for Parkinson’s disease and seizures.
  • Requip, according to GlaxoSmithKline’s insert, may cause “pathological gambling” and “increased libido including hypersexuality.”
  • Alan does not recommend using this drug if you are going to Las Vegas.
  • Natural treatments use exercise, hot baths, massage, heating pads or ice packs. Natural treatments also may include supplements such as folate and magnesium.
  • Jean has found relief from RLS by: Not eating several hours before bed time. Exercising her legs strenuously through out the day. Not sitting for long periods. Exercising legs and upper body prior to going to bed.
  • Jean uses an essential oil formula which relaxes her legs found at Nature’s Wellness Oils.
  • Jean was very surprised at how well this essential oil formula for RLS worked.


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RLS – Restless Legs Syndrome

A young man from our church contacted me recently asking for dietary advice for his wife on Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS. What he didn’t know when he was referred to me, was that I too struggle from restless legs.

Here’s what I wrote him back…

“Funny you should mention RLS since I suffer from the very same problem. So Alan and I know how very disruptive this can be. Our sympathies to and your wife. I also have insomnia as well. Personally I experienced the most relief when I exercise strenuously (which I don’t do nearly enough).

Also, for some people, I have been told that a good source of calcium/magnesium supplement can help. I also experienced some relief a few years ago when I was seeing Chiropractor, Dr. Brian Walsh, for an unrelated condition – I believe it was the spine manipulation that helped me by getting my neck in alignment. Since with restless legs I get into all kinds of contorted conditions when I sleep (It kind of effects my whole body at times). For me it is also seems to be aggravated or relieved with hormonal fluctuations – I wonder if your wife’s onset was related to pregnancy/pre or post natal?

Unfortunately in my case I have not found the magic bullet and I also refuse to take those heavy meds (Benzodiazepines and Parkinsonian drugs) that are used to treat this disorder. I am still looking and researching myself. We personally eat a very nutritionally dense and diverse, mostly raw/vegan diet. This gives me lots of energy and keeps us very healthy over all (we rarely have colds, flu other ailments or symptoms – low cholesterol etc.) but it does not seem to have helped me with this (though I don’t know, maybe it would be worse if I didn’t eat this way.)

Our personal nutrition site is , but for more nutritional advice and testimonies on RLS check out . I did find one testimony on the Hacres site of a person whose RLS was relieved on the raw/vegan diet.

Overall, the research I have done tells me this is still pretty much a mystery disease.

I read in one of Dr. Walsh’s newsletters recently that a patient of his with RLS found great relief working with him. He also did his thesis on RLS. His clinic is CARE Chiropractic and he is located at 2104 West New Haven Avenue, W. Melbourne, FL 32904. His number is 728-1387. His website is .

Tell him I sent you.”

Well, dear podcast listeners, since I wrote this email, I have made other adjustments in my exercise and diet routine and have added a topical treatment and I must say I have experienced significant relief from my symptoms. If you have or know someone who has RLS, tune them in to our next podcast where we will give you more information about what I am doing that is really helping me sleep better and reduce my restless leg symptoms.

To your health,


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New Healthy Recipes At Our Healthy Diet Website

As announced on last week’s Healthy Diet Podcast we weren’t able to do our regularly scheduled broadcast because of Jean being out of town, but I thought I’d update you on a few new recipes up at

We implemented the interactive part of our website about 2 weeks ago and have already received 7 submissions in the form of 3 testimonies and 4 recipes. The new recipes are:

Tropical Green Smoothie
A smoothie for those who like them seriously green.

Green Coconut Smoothie
A less green version of the smoothie above with added coconut.

Peach Popsicles
A delicious treat that’s healthy and simple to make. Thanks to Joan in Chicago.

Best Oatmeal Breakfast
A delicious alternative to package oatmeal full of preservatives and “natural flavors”.

In addition to these recipes added by listeners to the Healthy Diet Podcast we also have a few recipes we’ve talked about on our podcast. They are:

Healthy Corn Chip Recipe
Corn chips made from fresh ingredients with nothing added. Made in the Excalibur Dehydrator.

Veggie Burger Recipe
A dehydrated living burger made without any soy protein isolate, code for excitotoxins. Read the label on your frozen veggie burgers from the health food store just for kicks.

California Miso Soup Recipe
A quick soup Jean dreamed up in about 10 minutes. I was working in the office one day and 10 minutes after Jean went to make lunch this soup was ready. And it’s really delicious!

There you have the latest round of healthy recipes from our website. Feel free to drop by and add your own healthy recipe or two and be part of build a healthy living community.


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California Almonds In The News Again

Back on April 12th of this year, Jean and I did a podcast alerting listeners about Raw Almonds and the California Almond Board. Unfortunately their ridiculous mandate on pasteurizing almonds has come to fruition. As of September 1st all almonds grown in California must now be pasteurized. This rule has gone into effect because of 2 outbreaks of salmonella poisoning, one in 2001 originating in Canada and one in 2004 originating in Oregon.

The most egregious part of this unvoted upon legislation is that these pasteurized almonds won’t even have to be labeled as such. In the infinite wisdom of the ABC, these lifeless almonds treated with carcinogenic chemicals can be legally labeled as raw. You won’t know the difference between real raw almonds and those that have been treated. The only solution is to just not buy almonds from California any longer.

But what about raw almonds you ask? What about sprouting almonds for healthy raw recipes and making almond milk? Apparently the Almond Board of California (ABC) doesn’t care about the raw community that needs raw almonds for their diet. Apparently the ABC doesn’t care about the organic almond farmer in California either. Organic farmers take great care in the quality of their product and have never had a problem with unsafe almonds. This ruling will hurt the small organic farmer because raw food enthusiasts will look elsewhere to import the real thing.

It is especially ironic that the ABC in trying to insure the safety of the almond crop is introducing a chemical (propylene oxide) in the pasteurization process that the FDA has classified as a “probable human carcinogen” thus making it unsafe to eat almonds for the long run. I thought the ABC was trying to protect us?

Fortunately the rule exempts roadside vendors from complying so folks in the local area where almonds are grown can still get the raw product. However, it does make it quite inconvenient for most everyone else. I can see a cottage industry of hundreds of roadside vendors springing up to be able to sell enough product to the raw community. Now there’s an opportunity for someone.

What can you do as a raw food enthusiast? Write to Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns at to let him know how you feel.


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Healthy Veggie Burger Recipe

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about our new veggie burger recipe.

Show notes:

  • Today we share our newest dehydrator recipe – veggie burgers. It’s difficult to find veggie burgers without ingredients like soy protein isolate, natural flavorings, etc.
  • In nutritional value, dehydrates are next best thing to raw.
  • These veggie burgers have all the nutritional value preserved in the dehydration process. This makes them superior to any processed, frozen and cooked veggie burger from the store.
  • The main ingredients in this recipe are sprouted wheat, celery, onion, sunflower seeds, walnuts, carrots.
  • Blend in the Vita-Mix blender on low.
  • Form into patties on teflex sheets.
  • Dehydrate for 3-4 hours. The first hour is on high, then reduce the temperature to 105.
  • These veggie burgers are great on their own or with a side of coleslaw. We ate them with Food for Life brand sprouted wheat rolls.
  • The trick to dehydrating is planning ahead when you have to sprout/soak seeds/nuts.
  • These veggie burgers were fantastic warmed in the dehydrator the next day.
  • We’ve been hearing about a great site called One of our listeners recommends their Rich Cheddar Sauce.

Visit the veggie burger recipe at


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