Excalibur Food Dehydrator Recipes

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about our new Excalibur food dehydrator and we share a few of our recipes with you as well.

Show notes:

  • A food dehydrator removes the water from the food. The Excalibur circulates thermostatically controlled warm air around food that is laid out in single layers on stacked square trays.
  • Dehydration extends the shell life of perishable foods while conserving the nutritional value. Dehydration is the next best thing to eating raw living food.
  • The key to preserving the enzymes requires a process that keeps food temperature low enough so enzymes aren’t killed and air temperature is high enough to dry the food quickly.
  • We chose the Excalibur because it is used by leading raw foodist experts like Viktoras Kulvinskas, Anne Wigmore, the Hippocrates Health Institute and Hallelujah Acres.
  • We normally hear that food cooked over 118 degrees kills most enzymes. Studies have shown most enzymes don’t die until food temperature is above 145 degrees.
  • Enzymes are more susceptible to damage by heat when food is wet. Once moisture is removed, enzymes become more stable.
  • We are really happy with the crackers we have made in our dehydrator. The corn chips and wheat crackers came out thin and crispy.
  • The Corn chips recipe was adapted from a recipe from Eating Without Heating.
  • The wheat thins crackers were made from sprouted wheat, ground flax seed, soaked sunflower seeds, water, honey and sea salt.
  • The crackers were bursting with flavor and nutrition.
  • Having a good dehydrator has made a world of difference in being able to eat a nutritionally dense diet of mainly living food.
  • Good-bye packaged, processed corn chips!

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