The Cost Of Eating Healthy

On today’s Healthy Diet Podcast we ask the question, is it really that expensive to eat healthy?

Show notes:

  • The number one reason people don’t eat healthy is because they think it is more expensive that it really is.
  • Jean keeps meticulous records of what we spend and have broken down our food budget to indicate that we spend $2.50 per meal. That includes all the food we eat, snacks included, carrot juice as well.
  • Is the cost of groceries an accurate way to determine the cost of eating healthy? What is the cost when you add in the benefits?
  • Some of the things we don’t spend our money on because we eat healthy – prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, sick time, unscheduled visits to the doctor.
  • We cleaned out our medicine cabinet, a basket, on the podcast. It only had about 5 things in it. We threw out the Preparation H, expired Tylenol PM and Robitussin.
  • The only supplement we take on a regular basis is vitamin B-12
  • We ate some non vegan food this past Sunday. We were trapped at a church dinner with only bar-b-que to eat.
  • By the grace of God and our diet, fortunately we don’t get sick. How much does being sick cost you and your family?
  • Jean took an antibiotic a few year ago that we believe contributed to some persistent intestinal problems. It killed the good and bad bacteria in her system making it hard for her digestive tract to work as it needed to.
  • When you are talking about eating healthy versus being sick is it really that expensive to eat well? What are your spending priorities?
  • What is the cost of developing heart disease or cancer or diabetes?
  • Take charge of your health by choosing to eat healthy!

Check out a couple Vita Mix smoothie recipes we just put up on our Healthy Diet website.

Alan LeStourgeon

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