Purple Vita Mix Smoothie Picture With Recipe

Purple Vita Mix SmoothieTwo posts ago I wrote about the Bright Red Vita Mix smoothie and with a slight adjustment you can turn it into a purple Vita Mix smoothie as you see in the picture to the left.

Again the secret to getting the bright color, this time being purple, is by using fresh pitted cherries. This time I used 8 cherries instead of 5. Fresh cherries are absolutely delicious this time of year and we are getting a really good crop to eat down here in Florida. I’m not sure where they come from, but they sure are great. At $2.99 a pound they aren’t cheap, but we do enjoy them. Anyway, back to the smoothie.

Here’s how you make the Purple Vita Mix smoothie:


8 fresh pitted cherries
1 banana
5 medium size strawberries
1 pinch of coconut – I actually forgot the coconut in the one pictured, but I recommend it for flavor.
1 semi heaping teaspoon of Green Magma – a barley grass supplement.
12 – ice cubes
2 oz of water – to help mix things together

Mix all the ingredients together in your Vita Mix blender as I recommended last time, starting from low to high. I used water this time instead of orange juice because we ran out of OJ. The smoothie was pretty sweet and the OJ would make it even sweeter. Also if you put too much Green Magma in the smoothie the color will turn out more grey than purple. If you don’t mind what the color looks like, you can put in all the Green Magma you want. However, a grey smoothie may be a bit of a turn off if you are making one for a friend.

There’s nothing more to do except enjoy it!

If you are interested in a Vita Mix blender, you can get a great deal on eBay where we got ours.


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