Is Honey Vegan?

Today our healthydiet podcast is about Honey – Is it vegan? We give you the facts and let you decide. A listener challenged us with our referring to some of our recipes as vegan when they have honey as an ingredient.

Show notes:

  • The term veganism was developed by Donald Watson founder of Vegan Society of Great Britain. Hardcore vegans avoid using or eating animal products out of reverence for animal life
  • We primarily refer to vegan as a healthy way of eating that avoids all animal products because they have largely been connected with disease.
  • Eating a vegan diet won’t promote health if you are eating refined foods. Science points us to a whole food, largely raw diet for optimal health.
  • So is honey vegan – is it an animal product that we should avoid for health reasons? We found some great info at
  • Bees are fascinating. Each bee has a job to do – no bees swinging in a hammock. The bee collects flower nectar and places it in his honey pouch
  • Bee brings nectar to bees in hive and deposits nectar into the repository bees. The repository bees move the honey from bee to bee. This process adds enzymes that help remove moisture from the nectar honey.
  • When the honey is the right consistency, bees put honey in storage cells and cap with wax.
  • Bees can carry nearly their weight in nectar payload (most advanced aircraft only carry ¼)
  • Bees are animals called arthropods not anthropods. Honey is a product made by bees. In our opinion, honey is a product bees process, not produce versus the cow who produces milk whether he’s eating grain or grass
  • Bees transform nectar into honey. The nectar is required first.
  • As far as we know, honey is not linked to the disease process like other animal products, particularly those products that are in essence animal meat.
  • Honey has medicinal qualities – antibacterial, healing and absorption of fluid.
  • It takes 17-20 lbs of nectar to make 1 pound of honey.
  • Decide for yourself whether to eat honey, decide on your own philosophy of eating. Science points to importance of eating a whole food diet with lots of raw plant foods.

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