Coffee, Decaf And Caffeine

Today’s Healthy Diet Podcast is about coffee, decaf coffee and caffeine. What’s the verdict? Is it good for you? Are there any health benefits?

Show notes:

  • A little of the history of coffee. Coffee is very much a social drink and is found in most cultures. Just check out all the coffee bars around.
  • Coffee was thought to originate in Ethiopia in the Kaffa area where shepherds noticed their goats were getting happy. It became popular in the United States after the War of 1812 when Brittan imposed restrictions on tea imports.
  • There are 2 kinds of coffee beans coffea arabica and coffea robusta. Coffea arabica is the more popular plant and used in most coffees. Coffea robusta has 40-50% more caffeine and is used in some espresso blends.
  • Coffee gets its taste from the roasting process.
  • Some articles tout the benefits of drinking coffee because it may have a few antioxidants in it and help with diabetes and cancers, but by the time you add cream, sugar, syrups and more, any health benefits are probably gone.
  • Negatives of coffee is that it contains acrlyamide a known carcinogen. Both caffeinated and decaf coffee has this ingredient. Decaf coffee isn’t that good because decaffeinating coffee can be done using chemical solvents unless your coffee uses the Swiss water process.
  • The food we eat is the fuel for our bodies so the bottom line is this, how many nutrients are in coffee? Coffee is really a drug, it isn’t a food.
  • We suggest eating the most nutrient dense foods possible and coffee isn’t on that list.

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