A Picture Of Our Raw Vegan Refrigerator

Vegan Refrigerator Picture

As a ritual Jean and I usually go grocery shopping on Friday mornings and in the last 4 or 5 months Jean has started to display our food in the refrigerator instead of just leaving it in the plastic bags or containers it comes in from the store.

When I say display I mean when you open the fridge, there in all their glory sits our fruits and vegetables we will be eating for the week. As you can see from the picture of our refrigerator above, the top shelf features a bowl with all our red and green peppers, zucchini, avocados and whatever else will fit in there. Yes, there is a carton of orange juice on the top shelf which is a rarity for us these days. We usually have fresh squeezed OJ, but this time of the year in Florida it is hard to find oranges at a decent price, but as you can see in the bottom bin, we were able to locate some.

You can also see cherries and lettuce on the next shelf down from the top and the only other packaged item you see in this part of the fridge besides the orange juice is the canned cat food. This is to keep our cat Emily from getting constipated and needing a $100 enema. We haven’t explored the natural food route for kitty yet.

Lettuce, mushrooms and the largest produce item we buy, carrots is on the bottom shelf. We use a 25 lb bag of carrots per week for juicing. I don’t usually get out of our local Publix grocey store without someone asking me a question or making some comment about my purchase. It normally goes something like this, “I’ve never seen a bag of carrots that big. Do you have rabbits at home?” I then go on to explain that Jean and I combined drink 32 ounces of carrot juice per day.

So there you have it, you now have seen the inside of the fridge from the hosts of The Healthy Diet Podcast. Jean has been bugging me to take a picture every Friday after we get the groceries put away and post it to the blog here. Maybe we’ll start a page on our healthy diet website where listeners of our podcast can send in pictures of the inside of their refrigerators. If you’d like to share pics of your fridge with us, please contact us here.


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