Cooking Oils And A Healthy Heart

We talk about cooking oils and heart health on this edition of the Healthy Diet Podcast and cover monounsaturated fats like olive oil and omega 3 oils.

Show notes:

  • We gave away 5 copies of Dr Esselstyn’s book Prevent And reverse Heart Disease and they went to Victoria from Maine, Bridget from Illinois, Kathy from Louisiana, Meagan from Texas and Sharon from Florida.
  • We cover more of Dr Esselstyn’s simple yet vigorous diet that prevents and reverses heart disease.
  • Dr E’s diet is based on science and research that he did for 12 years and a study he did for 20 years in which he interviewed participants every one to two weeks for 20 years.
  • What foods does Dr Esselstyn say to avoid?
    Anything with a face or mother even fish with omega 3 oils
    All dairy
    All refined grains
    All oils, every single drop
  • The verdict is still out on heart healthy oils. Sites the famous Lyon Diet Heart Study where the Mediterranean Diet became famous. Further examination of the study shows that the results may not have had anything to do with the olive oil, it was probably the fruits and veggies. The Mediterranean diet was not proven to arrest or reverse heart disease.
  • The difference between the Mediterranean Diet and the diet of rural Chinese peoples is the lack of oil in the Chinese diet.
  • No fat products may have hidden fat. Serving sizes are small enough that manufacturers can claim they have no fat.
  • We cover a good testimony about a quintuple bypass patient eating heart healthy oils.
  • Diet cheaters run into trouble when they eat high fat snacks.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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