Sign Up For eBay Get A Deal On A Vita-Mix

We’ve had out Vita-Mix blender exactly a week now and we absolutely love it. I wish we would have gotten one years ago and not messed with the three blenders that we eventually discarded. We are making all sorts of things in the Vita Mix such as carrot juice, smoothies, guacamole, chopping veggies and more.

We ordered our Vita Mix from their store on eBay and got a great deal on it. It is a refurbished unit, but it still comes with their 7 year warranty. The refurbished blenders were used as demo models and at trade show I believe. We wouldn’t know the difference though because this blender is far, far superior to anything we have ever owned and runs at about 4 times the speed of anything we’ve owned.

If you are interested in getting a Vita Mix there are several models for sale on eBay. We got the Vita Mix Super 5000 model because we wanted the variable speed dial on the front as well as the low and high switch. Other models available on eBay are the TurboBlend 4500, the BarBoss Blender, commercial type blenders, Super 3600 Juicer/Blender and others.

You can get a Vita Mix on eBay, but you first have to sign up for eBay so you can bid on one. If you aren’t a member you can browse all you want, but sorry, you can’t bid. However, it’s pretty easy to sign up for eBay and doesn’t cost anything. It takes about 2 or three minutes an then you are all set to bid on the Vitamix or anything else you want to bid on.

To join eBay click on the link below:

Sign Up for eBay here.

Check out the great deals on the Vita-Mix here.

Have fun shopping on eBay.


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