Heart Healthy Dietary Guidelines

On this week’s Healthy Diet Podcast, we discuss nutrition and dietary guidelines for having a healthy heart from Dr Esselstyn’s Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease.

Show notes:

  • Listen to the end of the podcast to learn how to win a free copy of Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease by Dr Cauldwell B Esselstyn
  • A quick review of past podcasts about Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease. If you have cholesterol below 150 your chances of getting a heart attack are almost zero.
  • C-reactive protein implications in heart disease that causes inflammation of coronary arteries.
  • The American Heart Association’s guidelines on cholesterol aren’t good enough. The level of 200 considered safe may not be that good and can be leading people to heart disease.
  • There are many issues surrounding the quality of our diet and health.
  • The USDA should not be setting dietary guidelines when they are looking out for the dairy, meat and poultry industries. They suggest eating low fat or fat free meats, but there aren’t any fat free meats!
  • Dr Esselstyn’s critique of the USDA’s food guidelines.
  • The kind of diet Dr Esselstyn recommends to prevent and reverse heart disease.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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