More Heart Disease Prevention Factors

Welcome back to the Health Diet Podcast. On this week’s show we cover more information on reversing heart disease from Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn’s book Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease.

Show notes:

  • There is so much you can do to live a healthier life and avoid the major diseases that kill most people.
  • Getting your cholesterol below 150 will almost insure that you will not ever have a heart attack.
  • Why would people choose to have radical heart surgery instead of eating a healthy plant based diet?
  • The Women’s Health Initiative study showed that low fat diets made no difference in the overall health of women, until you really look closely at the study.
  • The study by the NIH claimed the diet they fed these women was low fat, even though it was comprised of 29% fat. Of course it didn’t work.
  • The dietary guidelines recommended by the FDA claim that a healthy diet can consist of between 20 to 35% fat. If you consistently eat a diet that is 35% fat, it will kill you.
  • Research shows that if you have a lifetime cholesterol below 150, even if you smoke, drink and have high blood pressure, you won’t get heart disease.
  • Moderation kills. Even after one high fat meal your blood flow can be seriously impaired.
  • Try a new fruit and a new vegetable that you’ve never eaten before and let us know how you like it.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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