Heart Health And Cholesterol

On this week’s Healthy Diet Podcast we cover cholesterol and how it contributes to heart disease. We talk more about Dr Esselsten’s book, Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease.

Show notes:

  • February was American Heart Month. Did you wear red?
  • The most significant factor in heart disease is your diet, period. However, the medical profession has no incentive to let people know this. Why, because they get most of their revenue from heart procedures.
  • The national healthy plan could be very simple – Eat a plant based diet. Now if we could only get the politicians to work towards that.
  • Heart disease in people with a cholesterol level lover than 150 is nearly non existent. Dr Esselstyn cut out all oils in his diet to get his cholesterol to go from 158 to below 150 because the evidence for health was so compelling.
  • So why in the world does the American Heart Association still recommend a cholesterol level of 200 being okay?
  • Cholesterol is found only animal products. Our body produces all we need and eating animal products add cholesterol to our blood and cause our body to produce even more cholesterol.
  • A high fat meal injures the endothelium, the interior lining of our veins. Even a single high fat meal can injure the endothelium and possibly cause a heart attack.
  • What if we ate low fat meals 365 days a year, how healthy could we be?
  • Stay tuned for our contest where 5 of our listeners will have the chance to win Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease by Dr Esselstyn.

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Alan LeStourgeon

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