Raw Almonds And The California Almond Board

On this week’s Healthy Diet Podcast we have breaking news about The California Almond Board, or actually the Almond Board Of California, and their mandate cooked up with the USDA and FDA to pasteurize almonds so they will no longer be raw.

Show notes:

  • As of September 1, 2007 it is very likely you will not be able to get raw almonds any longer thanks to the FDA, USDA and the Almond Board of California.
  • We were informed of this by Jinjee & Storm of The Garden Diet from The Daily Raw Inspiration
  • The mission of the Almond Board of California is to promote the best quality almonds, really? They oversee California’s 6,000 almond growers.
  • We thought this was a voluntary program, but further investigation proved otherwise. The Almond Board of California is misleading people on their web site. They say this ruling has not been mandated by any government organization such as the FDA or USDA, but if you read the actual ruling, it specifically states that it is mandated by the USDA – “The Department of Agriculture (USDA) is issuing this rule in conformance with Executive Order 12866.” It can’t get any plainer than that!
  • The almond growers don”t have a choice in the matter though.
  • The reason for this ruling is because of 2 outbreaks, one in 2001 and one in 2004.
  • They say that pasteurization does not alter the nutritional content of the raw almond. This is pure bunk! Plant a pasteurized almond and see if it grows.
  • The pasteurization process involves using Propylene Oxide a known human carcinogen. Pasteurized almonds will not have to be labeled, they can still be called raw when in fact, they are not!
  • You can’t make almond milk with pasteurized almonds. Almond protein is changed during the pasteurization process. This is bad news for the raw vegan community.
  • Salmonella is definitely a problem, but it can be taken care of by better quality control.

Sign the petition and / or contact the Almond Board of California about this.

Alan LeStourgeon

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