A Diet Plan From Rush Limbaugh – No Thanks!

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show the other day and heard what I though was the poorest motivation for being on a diet that I can imagine. If you know anything about Rush you know that he has struggled with weight issues for years and heĀ is apparently back to a weight where he thought he should lose a few pounds again.

With this new diet plan he claims to have lost 30 pounds in 40 days and was getting on his staff for telling him that everything he was doing was wrong. I’ll tell you Rush, it’s not that everything you’re doing on your diet is wrong, the entire diet itself is wrong! Rush has in the past been on the restricted-carb-meat-pork-out Atkins Diet and there is some speculation that he is again on a low carb type diet.

Rush made an accurate claim that almost all weight lost on any diet is usually gained back in a relatively short time. This is true unless the diet involves a complete lifestyle change. What I heard Rush say next was appalling. He stated that his motivation for dieting in the first place was to lose enough weight that it would take him 2 to 3 years to gain it back and he could have fun doing it. In other words, once Rush Limbaugh loses his targeted amount of weight, he is going to pig out again until he gets fat.

This is about the worst advice and motivation I think I’ve ever heard when it comes to a diet plan and living a healthy lifestyle. Rush, if you think what you are doing is healthy, you are dead wrong and it shows a complete lack of understanding for why we even eat. If you feed your body the most nutrient dense food possible you won’t have to yo-yo diet year after year. To lose weight and then specifically plan to gain it back again, is just plain ignorant.

I know Rush wasn’t suggesting that other people participate in this nonsense, but some surely will out of his nearly 20 million listeners. The plain fact is that if you feed your body what it needs in the form of the most nutrient dense food possible, raw fruits and vegetables, then you will never have to worry about losing weight again. And you won’t crave the foods that make you fat in the first place.

Rush, if you’d like to learn how to plan a diet around whole living food and never have to worry about dieting again, we are willing to give you a FREE copy of The Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner. Just contact me here and we’ll see that you get one.


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