Extreme Eating Video From CSPI

We won’t be doing the Healthy Diet Podcast this week because of a conflict in our schedule, but we do have a video that talks about everything I mentioned in the last bog post concerning extreme eating. Center For Science In The Public Interest (CSPI) has a report out that exposes the unhealthy foods served at restaurants such as Uno Chicago Grill, Ruby Tuesday’s, Cheesecake Factory, On The Border and more.

The video is a report from CNN features Jayne Hurley from CSPI talking about various entrees such as Ruby Tuesday’s Colossal Burger and Fresh Broccoli and Chicken, Uno Chicago’s Pizza Skins and others that are ridiculously high in calories, fat content and sodium content. It is amazing what restaurant chains will dream up and it’s even more amazing that people will actually eat it. How far will these restaurants go to get people in the door? You have to wonder if they have a contract with the local hospital to help them get more patients. Watch the video below:

If you’d like a healthy alternative to these gluttonous meals at your local restaurant franchise, check out The Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner.


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