Is Whole Wheat Bread Made From Whole Grain?

So you think you’re doing your body good by getting whole wheat bread at your local grocery store. Or maybe the last time you stopped at the local Publix Deli or Subway shop they asked you if you wanted your sub on whole wheat. You might have answered yes and thought you were at least getting your whole grains in, right?

Well, the sad fact is that almost all of the whole wheat breads, rolls, bagels, muffins, pretzels and pastas that are called and labeled whole wheat are not whole grain at all. Most of this kind of “healthy” bread and food is nothing more than white flour with a tiny bit of whole wheat or caramel coloring added to make you think it’s whole wheat.

Most nutrients have been stripped, or rather bleached, out of wheat flour and then fortification is added in along with salt, sugar, preservatives and coloring to make the breads you get in the store or for your sub. Does that make any sense?

Think about that next time you order a sub and the clerk behind the counter asks you, “Would you like that on white or wheat?”


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