Vegan Meal Planner Available Feb 28th

Vegan Meal PlanThis week we have a special Healthy Diet Podcast to let our listeners know that The Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner will be available February 28th.

We will talk about Soy and whether it is good or bad for you next week as previously announced.

Show notes:

  • If you are trying to make the transition to a healthy diet, you need a plan and the vegan meal plan will help.
  • You get 2 full weeks of menus, Monday – Sunday 3 meals a day. Over 40 recipes, grocery lists and bonus information is included.
  • The vegan meal plan is for a family of 4 and will help you take the chore out of planning meals.
  • You can print out the shopping lists and use them over and over.
  • Bonus information includes how to stock your kitchen, equipment to have, health tips on why you should eat raw food and a list of web sites and books we reference daily.
  •  Most of the healthy recipes take 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.
  • Read more about the Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner on our web site.

Next week: Soy, what’s the verdict. Is it good or bad for you?

Alan LeStourgeon

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