The Low Fat Milk Deception

If you wanted to get less fat in your diet and decided to drink low fat 2 percent milk, how much less fat do you think you would be drinking versus whole milk? If you guessed 98 percent less, guess again because you are way off. The sad truth and deception is that the difference between whole milk and 2 percent milk is a scant 14 percent less fat.

The deception comes in how the fat content in milk is counted. What the 2 percent fat in milk really means is that there is 2 percent fat by weight in milk. So called low fat milk is mostly water, but it is anything from being a low fat food. When you measure the fat content in 2 percent milk by its caloric content, what actually counts in your diet, you get a whopping 35 percent of calories from fat. And whole milk gets 49 percent of its calories from fat. The fact is, even low fat milk is a high fat food.

Fat content is counted this way, by weight, in may foods, especially high fat foods. This way you may think you are eating a healthy diet when in fact you aren’t. It’s another myth put out by the meat and dairy industry to promote their unhealthy products. Fat content in meat is counted by the weight method as well, not by the caloric content method.

Of course, if you eat a raw vegan diet you don’t have to worry about the deceptive way fat calories are counted.


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